Can anyone tell me if Easyjet include a carseat and pushchair in their infant allowance?
I can't find anything that says they dont...

Thank you


  • not sure about car seat sorry but pushchairs are ok to carry to the gate
  • Hiya - My friend has just flown to Egypt with easyjet so I'll give her a text. I would have thought they'd allow a pushchair for free but you'd have to pay extra for car seat/travel cot. x
  • Hi,
    We have flown with them before. I believe that you can take 2 out of the following items: Car seat, Travel Cot or Pushchair. X
  • Hi I work for them & yes it is included inthe allowance, however, if ur lo is over 6 months has a forward facing carseat & fits our regulations u can buy ur infant a seat & they can sit in their car seat.

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