When do you brush their teeth?

At bedtime?
Do you do it after they have have there bedtime milk or before? I think it should be after the milk but Amy is so sleepy can you do it before?

she is 9 months and has just got her 2 front teeth!! so cute!
Thanks xxx


  • Ooo yes, no teeth yet (arghh!) but I've been wondering how to fit this in to the bedtime routine.
  • I always used to do it after milk no matter how tired Charlotte was. Sometimes it was easier if she was tired as she wouldn't fight me off so much!

    Now, at 14 months she has 8 teeth and her 4 molars are cutting. I brush her teeth in the morning after her brekkie when I'm washing & dressing her.

    At night, we now give her her milk before her bath as it's easier for us that way. We can them brush her teeth whilst she's in the bath. And also she can't crawl away then!
  • I do it before his last bottle...he's way too sleepy and just wants to go to bed afterwards. But then I worry that the toothpaste will make his milk taste weird (y'know, like food always tastes odd after brushing your teeth). So I don't know when to do it!!! He is 10 months and I'm ALWAYS forgetting to do it! I need a good way to fit it in! xxx
  • i did oliver and still do before his bedtime bottle, he wont sleep other wise, the thought of him not going to sleep at bed time is too much to bear!,lol
  • im sooo bad at doing it, i need to get it in to our routine, i think ill start doing it before his bed time bottle its easyer for us all,
    jayden has 5 teeth and 2 more cutting through
  • i do it in morning when i do mine after brekkie and just before she gets in bag for bed. daisy has supper rather than milk so i do it after that think id prob do it before milk though if she drank milk. daisy loves having her teeth done and shes just cut her 12th tooth x
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