video for those wanting to see what baby signing is like

i remeber a while ago in a post about baby signing someone wanted to see hollie doing some signing. well i've finally just put up a video on facebook as my sing and sign teacher wanted to show other people what you can acheive.

so hopefully this will work, this is hollie doing some signing whilst we were wating for her food to cool down. this was also a few months ago. shes 17 months now.

thats the link, for some reason i cant get a video to work on here!

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  • i've added the link instead so hopefully that will work. we go back next week for our 4th term, woo! if its anything like my class then you'll have soooo much fun! x
  • our class is during hollies nap, she would often fall asleep on the way and i'd have to wake her up but once the songs started she soon perked up!

    today she turned round to me and started to say and sign 'ice cream' it had just been on something special but cause she does signing she picked it up straight away.

    i'm such an advocate of the benifits of baby signing that i started a british signlanguage course at my local college as i;d love to teach kids if i'm ever well enough to work again!

    will you let me know how your first class goes? x
  • Love the video - well done Hollie! And thanks so much for posting!

    I am looking into buying a sing and sign dvd to teach myself and lo as there aren't any classes near us and this has made me more convinced now.

    Hope to have as much fun as you and Hollie very soon! :\)

    BB xx
  • Fab video! What a cutie! I can't wait to start but i have to wait till Jan to start when he's a little older!
  • thank you image

    bedtime bear, i would thoroughly reccomened the ones from and watch something special on cbeebies.

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