professional photos - so expensive!

I would like to get some professional photos done of my little boy when he is around 5 months old. Enquired at a photographic studio today and got a shock - hugely expensive! For example, a multi-frame (13 pics) on a large board of 3' x 3' was around ??750. Alternatively, they will sell a disc and copyright of the photos for around ??800. They do sell smaller/cheaper photos, but I really wanted more than one. I know we live in the South East where things are expensive, but my goodness!! My wedding photos did not cost much more.

Does anyone have experience of having photos taken or could recommend somewhere? I live in Essex.

Thank you


  • I;m sure you can get them for a lot less than that! If they were really that expensive none of us mummys would have professional pics taken ever!

    Keep shopping around,maybe if you know what you want email some of the local places and see what they quote to save some time.
  • We've not had any done but a friends of mine had hers done at mothercare and they are brilliant, not sure how much she paid but said its was very reasonable. Worth having a look.
  • Did you get the pixifoto vouchers in your bounty pack (the one at the hospital i think, although its a while ago now i might be wrong)

    Anyhoo, they give you 4 shots, one up to 6 mth, 12 mth, 18 mth and 2yr for free. Thats prob the one at the mothercare pumbacat, we went with harry the other day and it was fab!

    you only get the very first picture free so if you dont like it its kind of tough unless you get a really nice person do it who will try again, then they take a load of other shots.

    Not sure how much the big prints are, but even though I spent more than I intended to we still got 7 pictures for ??100, all apart from 2 are 10 x 8 size. With the frames they would be a LOT more though, and watch out as they show you all the images and you might love them all and spend a fortune - just be stern (sterner than I was :lol: ) with yourself

    clare & Harry x
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