Frozen fish for LO?

Hi ladies

I want to make my daughter a fish pie and freeze some in portions. Can I use frozen fish to do it or does it have to be fresh as Im going to be refreezing it?
It would be easier if I can use frozen as I can get it delivered in my monthly shopping then just get it all out when I have time to make it instead of having to make it by a particular date with the fresh fish, I do prefer to use fresh ingredients when I can Im just very wary of fish.

Many thanks


  • I think that raw frozen ingredients can be frozen once cooked but I am not 100% on that.

  • if its pre frozen (supermarket frozen) than u can cook and refreeze. or well aslong as anyuthing is cooked (so its raw but frozen, iyswim) after freezing it can be refrozen then reheated once, if that makes any sense. but it has to be cooked in between freezings, so can't just dedforst then refreeze. xx
  • Ahh thanks for the replies!! image I'll go with buying the frozen stuff, cooking it then freezing in Millie sized portions then reheating to roasting hot, cooling and feeding to her!
    Im just so worried about giving her food poisoning, Im so careful with fish. I just wanted to double check it would be ok. I couldn't find anything definative through google and knew someone here would know! image

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