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Hi ladies,

I bought a lovely Jane pushchair when my lo was 4 months old and I love it. It is a Jane Energy pushchair. Only problem is its broken. I think my oh has forced it to close and there for broken the safety catch on the back and totally buckled the frame (typical male!!). Im pretty annoyed at this as we have had the pushchair for 9 months so you would think he would have learned how to work it by now!! Any way it looks like we might have to buy a new one. I was really tempted to buy the same pushchair again and because it lies completly flat we could use it for another baby should we be blessed. Problem is its not easy to get hold of seems like it is being discontinued and there a quite a few bad reviews on kiddicare... I can only get it from Oxford pram centre has anyone ordered from them before? Can anyone recomend a good pushchair? Im looking for lightweight and nice and comfy and dont really want to pay more than ??150

Here is the link to my current pushchair:

Emma x


  • Try a baby jogger city mini. It is a 3 wheeler rather than 4, but does do a total lie flat and is lovely. It's a small stretch of the budget at ??160 (ish) depending on where you get it from, but it is very good and doesn't tend to get bad reviews. It's more solid than some but very, very easy to manover, lift and fold.
    As far as stores go, I've heard of oxford pram centre before but never used them. www.babyequipmentcomplete.com are based in warwickshire and are very good (both online and at their 'warehouse'.) Their prices tend to be very competitive too.
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