tummy time

i try to put jessica on her tummy but she moans and does not really lift her head.

does it just take time? :\?


  • hi how old is she? my dd is 4 months and is ok on her tummy for short period of time and lifts her head but i think she gets annoyed as shes not sure what to do and gets grumpy after kicking her legs about, i reckon its just a matter of time. but they do look cute from behind lol
  • My lo didn't lift his head while on his tummy until 3/4 months. I never knew you had to put them on their tummy until it was too late and Gabe hated it, I've heard Lo's who have lots of tummy time are early crawlers but imo it's rubbish as neither me or my friend ever did tummy time really with our kids, her dd crawled at 8 months which is early/average and Gabe is 9 months and imo will never crawl, he still hates tummy time and doesn't really lift his head for long, he just screams and 'skydives' lol xxxxx
  • Most babies don't seem to like tummy time, at least at first. I started to put my lo on her tummy quite early on (can't remember exactly) and she would get upset fairly quickly. But I did it at least 2-3 times a day and each time she would last longer before she got upset. Once she learned to lift her head she was quite happy there. Now at 6 months she uses her elbows to pull herself around, she can be quite speedy!
  • I started putting Aiden on his tummy at least twice a day and he doesn't like it much. Only in the past couple of weeks now he is very head-strong will he stay on his tummy for over 10 mins.
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