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Hi ladies

just wondering what foods you give lo's now??...i'm starting to run out of ideas for Alfie (he's 11 months on the 25th) after doing all the usual like spag bol, maccaroni cheese, mince and mash, chicken and veg etc etc and he seems to be getting sick of having the same things!! (won't touch anything too lumpy so have to be able to mash it up!)

Any recipies you'd like to share!? also what finger foods do you give lo's and have any of you tried sandwiches yet?

Gem & Alfie x x


  • Annabel Karmel books or website are really good. Soft Cheeseson sandwich or tuna. Also things like rice cakes, breadsticks, cheese sticks. Soups are really good added with some pasta or bread. But try her website loads of info.
  • grace is 8 mths and has sarnies with cheese spread or humous on.i did a fish pie for her with cod,veg,mash and cheese sauce yday and she loved it.Also tuna pasta bake with tinned tuna(in spring water)tinned tomatoes,garlic,macaroni pasta.bannana and avacado,sweet potato and chicken casserole with dried apricots (grace loves this!)lentils with tinned tomatos and veg.Il try think of some more and get back to you! xxx
  • oooh curry il have 2 try grace with it,also you know those sachets of baby sauces cow and gate do,i think they are fab if u r in a rush,they do a tomato and 4 veg one and i just put that with rice the other night and she loved it.marmite il have to give that a go too,was just a bit worried about the salt content in that.Is it ok? xx
  • thanks very much ladies...appreciate it, i'll try him with a soft cheese sandwich tomorrow...just seem to be stuck in a rut at the min especially now i'm back at work image would rather be spending time i have with Alfie than cooking loads!! x x
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