Were any of you mummies GBS +?


I am popping in from 'Due in Jan 09' to ask if any of you ladies were Group B Strep positive when you delivered?

I have today found out that I have tested positive so will have to have the IV antibiotics during labour. I am pretty disappointed as I had hoped to be at home for as long as possible before having to go to hospital and wanted to go home asap too.

I would be so interested to hear whether being GBS+ and having/not having the IV antibiotics affected your experience of labour and delivery and how long your baby had to stay under observation once born.

Any experience positive or negative please.

Thanks so much, Mrs E x



  • Hi there,

    I'm not sure how much you've been told, so please don't think I'm being patronising if I ramble on about stuff you already know - just trying to help!

    I was diagnosed Group B Strep positive when I had my lo in February this year. Now for the science bit - Group B basically lives harmlessly in around a third of womens vaginas, causes us no problems, but during the second stage or the pushing stage of labour, baby can pick it up and because their immune systems aren't fully developed it can make them very poorly and even be fatal. The IV antibiotics they give us during labour protect the baby from picking it up. You need to have one dose of IV, then another dose 4 hours later. Provided you have had these 2 doses before you deliver your baby, your baby will not need to be kept in for observation. If your labour is quick and you don't get the 2 doses - don't panic - this is where they keep your baby in for a few days to observe for signs of them having picked up the Group B Strep.

    Please check this out with your own midwife and find out what their policy is - but I was told I could labour at home until my waters broke. Once they'd broke, I needed to make my way in to have the first IV dose. I was told because the waters obviously protect the baby, and once they'd broke, baby was exposed to the Group B Strep.

    As far as my own experience - my waters broke before my contractions started, so I made my way to hospital, and I had the 2 full doses of IV before delivering. I delivered at 8pm and was out by lunchtime the next day. I could have gone home that night if I'd wanted, the Group B Strep had nothing to do with it - I was just knackered! My lo was checked by a paediatrician on delivery who was happy all was well. The Group B Strep didn't affect my labour/ delivery at all, and I think provided you have the 2 doses, there is no need to worry. The IVs took about 20mins each, so I wasn't hooked up to a drip permanently, so could get in the bath, wander around etc.

    I hope I've helped! If I can help any more or you have any more questions, please do a post FAO me, and I'll try to help.

    Very best of luck for January hun.
  • We don't get routinely tested for group B strep where I live. I had my son 19 months ago and ended up having an emergency c-section (failure to progress). I had a swab taken during the early stages of labour and when I got home 2 days after having him my doctor called to say that I had tested positive and needed to take antibiotics. Anyway, my son had to be rushed to hospital our first night home (long story but basically got reflux, choked and briefly stopped breathing - scary but nothing to worry about) Anyway, when I got to hospital I told them that I had just been told I had tested positive in labour. They tested Asher's blood, urine and cord. They found he had a small amount in his cord and needed antibiotics. We stayed 2 days in hospital so he could have some IV doses and then we had to give him some at home. It was a nightmare as I had to give it to him with a syringe every few hours and he spat loads of it out.Anyway, what I am trying to say is that it is good they have caught it early - if I had delivered naturally then it might have been a different story - and it is so easily treated. Don't worry they will take good care of you and your baby. If I have any more children then I will need an IV drip in labour too.

    Best wishes
  • Thank you ladies for your experiences.

    They are making me feel much more reassured that it shouldnt impact too much.

    Best wishes to you all x
  • hi
    when preg with my 4th I was tested for this. It can come back negative, low, moderate, high or very high. I had very high!!!!!!!! I had never been tested before and my mw said that i was a carrier so always a carrier. It sort of made sense as my babies always had runny eyes and infections of the eye which is a sympton. Anyway, i freaked for 2 reasons. 1. my friends lost her first born to this 7 hours after birth (this was about 11 years ago and she did not know she had it till her son was born) 2 i wanted a water birth and told no chance now.
    BTW ...just to put minds at rest, what happened to my friend is a zillion to on chance. Now you have your result please be assured that your baby will be fine as mine was.
    My birth plan was to come in at first signs of labour and have IV drip. They like to get 2 to 3 in minimum at 4 hour intervals. I however, woke up at 4.20am in labour, got to hops for 5.15 and delivered one hour later so there was no time. charlie was a big baby and was stuck. when they pulled him out he swallowed loads of gunk. Taking all this into account the put him on IV drip for a few days and pumped his stomach.. He is now a healthy and happy 3 year old. When I feel again they did not even test me. They said once a carrier...always a carrier. I was to be induced at 37 weeks to give time for IV drip and also to stop the speedy delivery (Charlies birth resulted in a huge heamorrage after delivery of the placenta). As it happens I had placenta previa so had to have C section. They did give me anti biotics after the birth but think that was due to section etc..

    You are lucky that they have tested and caught it nice and early. Relax, and count your blessings You and baby will be great and get all the care you need.

    All the best and I will look out for your happy news..

    d xxx
  • hi there,sorry if i repeat anything others have said but iv not read all the posts!!i was group b strep positive when pregnant with my oldest daughter and had to have the iv antib iotics during labour.I was told that i needed these before she was born and they should be in my system so had to go to the hospital as soon as labour started.I wouldnt have risked not having them as group b strep can be life threatening if not trated or if the infection passes to baby.Hope all goes well with labour and have a great xmas! xx
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