weeks or months?

hi all this might sound so thick but jayden was born on the 29th may so hes 24 weeks dos that mean hes 6 months? coz i thought that be end of november? sorry if i sound thick lol thank x


  • It's confusing isn't it!!! As there are 52 weeks in a year, I would say that 26 weeks is 6 months. I think my hv has a chart which shows weeks converted to months...........off to google it!
  • Hi there my LO is also 24 weeks (as born on 27th May) and that sounds like 6 months based on there being 4 weeks in each month but sometimes there are 4 weeks plus 2 or 3 days which adds up to another week is why i would say 26 weeks is 6 months as that will bring you closer to the right day of the month

    I hope that makes sense xx
  • yeh that makes sense thanks xx
  • Month's normally refers to calendar months and not actual weeks. So you could say if your LO was born on 4th Nov he would be 3 months on 4th Feb, but he wouldn't necessarily be 12 weeks old 'cos there isn't always 4 weeks in a month.
    If that makes sense to you....!
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