Bottlefeeding and sleeping through the night

Lyla slept through the night for the first time last night, from 8.45pm to 6.45am - little star, as she's only 9 weeks old.

She has been taking 5 6oz bottles every day, and we've got her into a routine, so she was having them at 8.30am, 12.30, 4.30pm, 8.30pm and then her night feed. She's been really happy and settled since we've been doing this.

Obviously, I want to encourage her to sleep through the night on a regular basis. So what I need to know is - should I drop her to her 4 daytime feeds alone, or should I suffle the times so that she now has 5 feeds during the day, a bit closer together? What have you all done? If I drop to 4 feeds, should I increase the size of them?

She was pretty hungry this morning when she woke, so I gave her her first bottle at 7.15, so already our "old" routine is out of kilter.

Please help!!


  • Please help me!!
  • Hi, Well done Lyla. And fingers crossed she will do it again and it will become a regular occurance. BUt don't count on it. She may not sleep through again and you might be back to old routine tomorrow.
    My lo did this and I tried to stick to normal routine and just gave him more in his bottles. But I found the older he got he didn't go as long between feeds so in the end I reduced the amount in each bottle and fed every 3hrs instead of 4. Now e've started weaning he has dropped one bottle already and I can see how he will drop another as soon as I introduce a 3rd meal (I'm holding off for a while as he's not 6 months yet and don't wnat to drop anymore milk too ealry)
    See how today and tonight goes and re evaulate tomorrow. Maybe feed on demand today and she will probably settle into a new routine herself. Good luck tonight, I hope she sleeps though. My lo did it once and then not agian for weeks. S x
  • Its a bit young to be on 4 bottles, it may be better to follow a 7, 11, 3, 7 routine and give her a bottle at 10.30/11. Have you tried giving her a dreamfeed? It made no difference with my little girl but i know a lot of people on here do it.
  • Thanks ladies. Think I'll see how we go today and hope last night was the first of many!! I'll make sure she has all 5 bottles during the day today anyway.
  • Well done Lyla, Abi is coming up for 10wk and wakes for a night feed. Abi's gets 6oz and her feeding routine is 8/9am, 12.30/1pm, 4/4.30pm, 7/7.30pm, 11/12am then 4am. Hope your lo sleeps through again tonight.
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