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My 3 month was reciently diagnosed with reflux and given gavascon by the doctor. Although the gaviscone does stop her throwing up, she is still really struggling to drink a full bottle. She used to love her food, but now she still seems in pain after the first 2oz, arching her back, crying and turning away. Has anyone else experianced this and have any advice please? :\?


  • I haven't had experience of reflux but our lo has lactose intolerance which to begin with we thought was colic as she was in pain and arching her back, i know that another symptom can be throwing up so it might be worth asking about, we have had her milk changed to nutramigen and she is a different baby.
  • My lo had reflux and thankfully Gaviscon worked but I know a couple of my friends' babies it didn't really work for them so the gp prescribed renitadine which stops the stomach making as much acid and that really helped stop all the symptoms. Hope this helps and good luck. I know how horrible it is to have a baby with reflux but IT DOES GET BETTER I PROMISE!! Monty's stopped by months
  • u can try changeing his formula to AR formula it works for me
  • thanks for those replies. Reasuring to know there are things I can try,,, the health visiter has been useless! i'll try a change of formula first, then to the docs again if i'm still having probs.;\)
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