Bad Mummy!

I felt so bad tonight. I was coming through from the kitchen to the front room, with Joshua on my hip, when he cracked the back of his head on the door frame! I have never heard him cry so much! The biggest egg came up on the back of his head. I phoned NHS direct and they were very calming. The lump has virtually gone down, but I am so paranoid, I keep going into his room and poking him. I can't see me getting much sleep tonight!


  • Oh Honey, I hope that you are both ok. These things happen.
  • I did the same thing getting my lo out of the car seat, I banged his head on the door frame. There wasn't a lump but he had a bruise. I felt awful for about a week. These things do happen to everyone, you're not a bad mummy! Just keep an eye on him and as long as he's not been drowsy or anything, I'm sure he'll be fine. Hope you're both ok xxx
  • aw dont worry, these things happen lovely. my joshua is cruising the furniture at the moment and is always falling over it makes me feel sick everytime but i cant stand behind him with a cushion all day lol. big hug to mum and baby Joshua x
  • awww hope you are both ok. ive done silly little things like this many of times to my lo, these things happen x
  • I also accidentally bashed my lo's head on the door, sounded sore but he didnt cry. I felt terrible even though he hadnt really noticed. I realised how easily silly accidents can happen but thats part of growing up, we have all fell down had the odd bump two.
  • i have done it too x
  • lewis done that countless number of times - he was in the kitchen the other night climbing about and fell and smacked his head on the stone floor, to say the egg that came uop was massive - its horrible when it happens but it does and it will 100 times more!
  • When Morgana was a few weeks old, the baby monitor fell on her head. She developed a bump on her forehead a little while later and I was convinced it was my fault for months! Turned out she has a birth mark under her skin which gives her the bump you can see on her piccy which had nothing to do with the monitor falling on her head, but I still felt so guilty!
  • Soory it's taken so long to reply, but thank you all for your messages. As I thought I didn't sleep much that night, but the bump went down, I felt less paranoid and then that evening he dived out of his chair and got a bump on the front of his head! Must admit, I didn't fell guilty this time, but laughed! (after I comforted him!)
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