Comfort food....mmmmmm

Aiming to get back to our usual chat about fun stuff! So as the title says what's your favourite comfort food?
Have to say (and I know I go on about it!!) but mine has to be Jamie O's fish pie! Soooo yummy and has mashed potato which probably is the best comfort food on the planet!
Also a steaming cuppa and a slice of buttery toast mmmmm always cheers me up! Sorry if I make anyone hungry but I'm off to put the kettle on!
So what about you?


  • Ohhh buttery toast!! and a good strong coffee-or if it's nightime and the kids are asleep a lovely big Baileys and ice!!
  • mine is o god got loads..... choclate! malteasers,creame eggs,snickers and milky ways dipped in a nice hot cup of tea...

    a big plate of cheesy mash with onion and sweetcorn dipped in salad cream! yum lol
    pringles and dip!
    im so hungary now.. xx
  • gotta be a cup of tea with anything chocolatey or an egg custard donut eclair........... or yeah pringles or ant crisp actually oh and a chineeses takeawy xxx
  • oh my god I could eat everything you've all mentioned-can you tell I like me food?!! Was really good and made sure there were no biscuits in the house but I could right go a custard cream or bourbon (sp??) dunked in a lovely big cuppa! Or malteasers, snickers creme eggs...oh flippin heck my stomache's rumbling!
    Am off to feed lo then look in all me cupboards for something chocolately! x
  • A nice casserole with roast potatoes or chocolate or a big bowl of spag bol.....mmm.x
  • pea and ham soup! MMmmmmmmmmmmmm

    made some the other day and i was just like my nans used to be

  • Oh soup, good one kell2, am addicted to leek and potato at the minute have some in the fridge ready for me tea-with nice bread to make it even more delicious!! And Vanilla in my amazing Jamie O book they have a recpie for scones. I heard Chris Moyles saying he's made them so I should give 'em a go.
    Crikey I'm never gonna loose any weight this way. Why doesn't lettuce taste like this or steamed veg and fish?!!! xx
  • mum to 1 have you tried morissons own leek and potato soup, its delicious! im a soup adict!!

    "my names kelly and im adicted to soup!"

    i make loads and hubby always says how nice it smells but wont try it

  • Hey vanilla it's Jamie's Ministry of Food one-green cover with white writing and I swear it is sooooooo brilliant well worth the tenner. Well I bought is as soon as it came out and paid full price but anyway.
    Kell2 I love soup too-I think it fills you up easily too. Made ginger and and parsnip soup and that was ok (from Jamie O again!!) bit over powering and I couldn't eat too much of it. Am sticking to me fav never lets me down and its soooo easy!!x
  • Mmm, hungry now. Love sweet potato chips, korma slices, glazed krispy kreme donuts, dark choc hobnobs, and custard! xxx
  • Ooooh, custard and banana's makes me think of when I was little-a very long time ago yummmmm! x
  • sausage, smokey bacon, mushrooms (cooked in butter) egg, fresh grilled toms, fried slice, beans and a HUGE mug of tea oooohh and brown sauce

    i think i gained 3 stone just thinking about it,lol
  • Ohhh your making me hungry! Mine has to be a huuge roast dinner oh and beef hula hoops, went through about 5 packs a day when i was pregnant thats one craving that hasnt gone! lol
  • CHEESCAKE image Always a nice slice of cheesecake gets my mood on the right track . Also big cup of coffe with a cig on the steps outside but thats a big no no atm image Time to quit!
  • Am partial to the odd Latte from Costa, it toally calms me during a busy work or mum day.

    Food! M&S do a lovely chocolate fudge brownie type thing. Other than that I'm a savory girl with Fish and Chips (must be chip shop bought) all the way!! Preferably with a buttered roll and pickled gerkin!

  • A bar of Galaxy has to be my ultimate. Or a nice pudding - fruit crumble, sticky toffee pudding, ice cream (not all together)...yummy
  • Mum to 1 i got that jamie o book 4 xmas then 4got all about it til this week, i made the mince & onion pie last night n am makin the pannetone & strawberry cake on sat 4 my step sister's birthday party! My fave comfort food has gotta be cheese on toast, my oh make's the best i've ever tasted! N diet coke, coffee, double deckers, pizza, macD's, special fried rice n crisps, and thats all just 4 my lunch ha ha! No wonder i've got 4 stone of baby weight 2 lose x
  • i missed out cashew nuts xx
  • ooooh mrs_wright I haven't done the mince and onion pie will have a go at that with mash potatos-obviously!! Hope your cake goes well for Sat-take a photo to show us?
    A nice cold Coke is yummy too....might have to have another slice of toast now! Love cashew nuts too hayleyspirit and pistachios and brazils aren't too bad either! Can you tell I love me food?! x
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