Baby writhing in the night

I have noticed for a while now that when I finally manage to get Joseph to go back in his crib after middle of the night feeds he will settle for a few minutes then will start to twist and turn and writhe in his sleep. If I put him on his side he will settle for a bit but then it starts again and don't really want him on his side anyway. I thought it was trapped wind but when we try to wind him nothing comes even after gripe water.
He will often wake himself up and will only be settled by having a little bf. He doesn't sick up but I am wondering if it could be silent reflux?


  • My middle lo did this loads, it was just wind it was just difficult to get out, I found putting lo on his tummy for a few minutes then picking him up to wind him n putting him back on his back usually worked, if it didnt i wld leave him and usually he wld wind himself, he stoped doing it about 7 months xxDBxx
  • well dont want to worry you but ill tell you of my experience. i used to feed daisy about 10 pm and she would eventually settle but night feeds about 2 or 3 am s e would settle for 45 mins then she would start writhing around . i allways put it down to wind and hoped by 12 weeks she would gropw out of it. by 8 weeks i was having to hold her in my arms most of night!!! she would wimper and cry out thrashing her legs around. i nearly went off my head with lack of sleep cus i could not sleep whilst she was like this. she eventually got diagnosed with silent reflux. there is a great website called see if your lo has any symptoms. at 11 months my lo has never slept through and still writhes around cot now i have some great coping tips if you find your lo is suffering from this take care x
  • Thanks for the replies girls. I actually made a docs appointment for him earlier this week cos I suspected reflux but then I hoped it was just wind and cancelled the appt! I will try the tummy thing tonight to see if it gets any wind up (or down lol) and if not will look at taking him to the docs next week.
    He does have some other symptoms of reflux - he hiccups a lot (but he did that in the womb too?), he can refuse to feed or arch away sometimes and he will comfort feed quite a lot. He also wakes frequently sometimes crying immediately.
    He is fine lying flat through the day and in the evening, it just seems to be from about 1am-7am!
    Bless you both for having so many sleepless nights, I'm glad your lo is okay now DB. Poor you and your lo though westbrom1, I know what you mean about not being able to sleep, even when he isn't waking himself up I cannot sleep for listening to him and worrying about him being in discomfort.
    Thanks again for your responses, my hopes of getting a full night's sleep anytime soon are fading away though! Any coping tips would be gratefully recieved if he does have reflux westbrom1.
  • let me know how you get on babe try raising his moses basket wiyh some towells under head area of matress in meantime see if this helps or if in cot put some books under two legs to put it on tilt
  • My boy spins 360 all over the cot at night (4 months old). He just does it, doesn't have wind or reflux ... he just spins. Apparently his dad was a spinner when a baby as well ...

    And he seems to be sleeping through out all the spinning .... weird boy :P

    Keeps me awake at times though!
  • That has made me laugh foxoo!! Bless him, that is so funny (except when it is keeping you awake lol)
    Does he not bang off the sides of the cot though?

    Thanks westbrom1, I have got a wedge pillow and put that under the crib mattress and it helped quite a lot last night. He still writhed a bit but not as much and... he didn't wake up!!! He ended up in a funny position though sort of arched backwards cos of the incline but he still seemed comfier that he usually is. I'll see how he goes this weekend. Thanks again for the advice and that website, there are some good things on there. I'll still keep you posted though, thanks hon.

    Cheers girls xx
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