So Alone & Need Help!!

argh i'm going insane, JJ won't stop crying i don't know what's wrong with him, he's just screaming and screaming like he's in really bad pain, we've got my mums dog while they're on holiday and it needs to go out (i just take her to a bit of grass at the front of our flat so i'm only leaving JJ for 2 mins), i've got a sink full of bottles to sterilise, i need help :cry: !!

what makes it worse is OH has just phoned to see if i'm ok, i'm sat here crying while he's on his way to the shop on his break from work, he goes 'dont worry ill be home at about midnight'...arghhhh this poor dog must be desperate for the loo while i'm sat rocking JJ while he's screaming, i've given him calpol and have put bonjela on his gums incase it's his teeth, i know it's for 4 months + but i've only used a little bit...i don't know what to doooo :cry:


  • has he got wind caught hun? have you got any gripe water? works wonders! xxx
  • Ah chick, I don't have any suggestions to help but just wanted to send you hugs and let you know I would help if I could! Are you in Edinburgh? I can come help lol!
    Try wrapping him up and putting him in his pram and take him and the dog for a walk, maybe the fresh air and a change of scenery could help!
  • Oh honey, i know how you feel as my oh works late nights too and it can be real lonely and difficult when the dog needs to go out!!! How about wrapping the baby up all snug and warm and taking him and the dog out for 5 mins, it might help take his mind off whatever is making him cry......
  • could you take JJ out with yo and the dog, the fresh air might settle him, i know it is dark and cold but wrapped up warm and he should be okay for a wee short time?
  • he's fine with his wind, he used to suffer really bad with it and gripe water never used to do anything but now he's great...i'd take him out in the pram but with living in a first floor flat i can't leave him in the pram if he's asleep when we get back cuz i have to leave the pram downstairs and he just wakes up when i get him out so it'd be a waste of time, i've put newspaper down for the dog just incase, she's usually pretty good but i just feel sorry for her :\(

    sadly not in edinburgh miss impatient, wish i was now lol! x
  • I would take JJ out too. In a snowsuit he should be fine. Take him in a sling and walk dog as well. The change of scenery and the movement stops bubs crying!
  • Oh, big hugs! I know how it feels, was at my wits end with Evie last night and hubby was on a night shift image

    If he does keep crying you could bundle him up and just carry him outside while you take the dog? A bit of fresh air might just make him feel tired. It can work wonders!

    As long as you've checked everything that could be wrong (sound like you have!) there's not a lot you can do. If he seems to be in pain have you given him some calpol? It might take the edge off whatever's making him unhappy.

    Hope he settles for you. xxx
  • oh bless ya jenny, david has had days like that, hes started teething, dribbling loads,ive bought some funny dummies they can chew on.. he had one tonight and he was quite happy with it, admitidly there was some bonjela on it lol..
    hope things are better now x
  • i tried him with one of them dummies and it upset him more cuz he didnt understand what to do with it lol can't win...he's settled a lot more now but still restless...managed to take the dog out tho, yay!! x
  • Oh babe, I hope you're having a better day. Archie has been exactly the same today and like Katie says i ended up getting mad at myself for getting angry and frustrated with him. Took him for a long walk though, but same as you I had to take him out of the pram to get up to the flat but he wasn't too bad as I was out for ages.
    Anyway, hoping it was better today. S x
  • he's still very upset and biting his hands but i have OH home so we can share the screaming baby :lol: one minute he's full of smiles then his face will change and he'll just scream which obv shows it's pain as it's coming in waves...keeping him dosed up on calpol and been using bonjela image x
  • Hi the baby group I go to we had a dental health woman do a talk about babys/kids teeth and keeping them clean. Anyway she spoke about teething remedies and said the gels were good but not to use Bonjela, I asked why and she said it actually irritates the gums more? she said to use calgel or anbesol instead. maybe worth a try! xx
  • aww sara thanks image hehe!

    i think i'll be taking a trip to the chemist tomorrow then :lol: can't win can ya? x
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