What do YOU eat during the day??

Does anyone find you don't have time to make yourselves proper grub during the day? I've noticed that I just grab what ever is half ready made in the kitchen! Like yesterday I had 2 chocolate digestives all day and only noticed when it got to tea time, and today I've just grabbed a nutella spread sarnie! I manage to eat a proper evening meal most nights, well I have to oh expects it after a hard day's work!

And to those who sit on their high horses and say us mums don't work, well as least in your job you get a proper lunch break! We don't!! :lol:


  • I get v dizzy and sick if i don't eat properly so i always make sure i eat lunch. It's the first thing i do when lo goes for a nap at lunchtime, whether it be 11am or 2pm, i just make sure i eat! Normally beans on toast or boiled eggs or salad, something quick and filling because my husband works until 7pm so we don't eat dinner until late and i'd be dead on my feet otherwise! x
  • Mmmmmmm beans on toast! Am definately going to have that for lunch today mmmmmmmm.
  • Hi
    lo will sit in his high chair for abou 15 mins so that usually gives me time to make breakfeast and lunch

    For breakfeast we have scrambled eggs on toast, porridge with fruit or yoghurt and fruit

    For lunch we have sandwiches, salads or baked potatoes.

    Don't know what we will do when lo does not want to be in his highchair anymore as he is nor great at sleeping in the day other than in the car or his pushcahair
  • we'll i've sloted in a pork pie.... always the healthy choice for me!

  • I try n get dh to make me a sarnie at same time as he makes his for work.
  • Well! Katie and Zoey I am disappointed in you! Especially Zoey, I do hope you're joking missy...you need to eat well for ttc no.2!! lol xox
  • It was difficult when Louise was younger but now I have breakfast with her. For breakfast I have 1 1/2 slices of toast as she has the other 1/2 along with porridge or cereal as finger food and fruit. For lunch I tend to have a sandwich, sometimes pick at Louise friut and I have to have a packet of crisps!

    I try to cook dinner for when my dh comes home but if I havnt then he cooks or I cook while he looks after Louise and then we all have dinner together too.

    I snack during the day on biscuits (and sometimes sweets) during the day.

    If I dont eat then I feel sick and faint so have to make time!
  • Im the same, I feel sick and dizzy if I don't eat during the day.

    It definitely gets easier as they get older. Lo is 9 months now and I make my toast at the same time as doing her brekkie and just eat it cold after Ive fed her.

    As soon as she goes down for her nap I make my lunch. Today it was 12.15, yesterday it was 2pm.

    As soon as oH comes in from work he takes over with lo and I cook the tea for us both. The last couple of nights he's been working late so Ive been putting her in her door bouncer while Ive cooked. xx
  • I ALWAYS make sure I eat 3 meals a day, usually I give some to Gabe, to keep him quiet. I'm doing slimming world and it involves quite a bit of prep so lunch is usually pasta or cooked food...You have to eat!!! 2 choc digestives all day will slow your metabolism WAY down....also if you want to lose weight you need to eat regular healthy meals. It is hard though especially when Lo is too young to eat finger foods.

    I also feel sick and dizzy without eating...
  • well since im dieting im sooooo hungary ...limiting what i eat as much as i can ....today i had 1 slice of toast with a cup of tea for brekkie ...chicken salad for lunch with a bag of walkers baked and a muller light yogurt ....tea is beef dinner ....i wish i didnt have time to think about food but its all i think about :roll:

  • I normally eat with Millie. I don't have breakfast as eating that early makes me feel sick, but we often go out for coffee at about 10.30 so I have something then. Millie and me have lunch at about 1.30 once Barney is asleep and then I either have tea with them if oh is working late, or after they've gone to bed if he's not. I'm too much of a pig not to eat properly!!
  • I make 2-3 weetabix in bowl for lo for breakfast knowing that she will only eat 1-1.5. I then eat the leftovers. If I dont do this, then I dont get breakfast till 11 and end up having brunch!
    Lunch. Now my lo is eating bread, I tend to make myself a sandwich and then I have to cook for hubby in the evenings even if we dont eat till gone 8pm!

    Yesterday I brought loads of veg and am planning on cooking up lots of veg soup as a healthy lunch option. I need to lose my last half a stone and its not budging!

    I eat so much junk i.e choc/biscuits during the day. Ned to eat bigger meals!!

    How old is your lo? Sorry, Im a bit behind as I havent been on for a while! xxx
  • i get up at 7am an hour before the kids so i can fit in a 20min work out, have a bowl of special k, make the oldests packed lunch, make breakfast for the kids and get dresses. so i always get breakfast.
    Lunch tends to be fruit as its quick and easy. and i always have a proper dinner with the kinds at 5pm
    I do everything at a really fast rate, so far today i have done everything listsed above, hovered the house all three floors, all the laundrey including ironing, dishes, made a lasagna, done a 30min work out at 9.30am and 30 mins again at 1pm. iv also taken the oldest to school done lunch for the other two, washed and sorted out charlies bottles, had a visit from the HV and spent time with the kids.

    And men say women dont do a real job when the stay at home.
  • well for the first few weeks after having Charlie i lost my appetite completely and could easily go a day without anything - in the end my hubby used to sit and watch me eat as he was sooo worried but i just didn't feel hungry. I am better now i'll have a bowl of cereal first thing, sometimes will have a sandwich but tbh don't seem to find the time and will then have tea with hubby. i do enjoy the odd biccy with my cuppa tho!xx
  • I eat sooo much crap! For brekkie I usually have coffee with jam doughnuts or loads of biccies, don't really do lunch might have a sarnie if I get time and always have dinner as I cook for everyone else anyway. Between 'meals' I snack on anything I can get my hands on like chocolate or cakes etc. I never had a sweet tooth before having Summer but since she was born I can't get enough of sweet junk food!xxx
  • Im terrible,i dont and never really have if at home any lunch,different if im out though,i love going out for lunch,(not that i do much nowadays lol.)
    I have cereal or toast with peanut butter in morning,and that will be it till tea around 5 or 6,i tend to pick later as well even though i try not to
    im out at work and work for myself so i dont really have a lunch break,and just got used to it so even on my days off i very rarely make anything,and i dont like sandwiches so that ruls out quick snacks!
    bet your sorry you asked now??lol x
  • god i eat loads compared to u guys lol
    brekkie- either 2 slices of toast with jam or readybreak
    snack-snacka jacks
    dinner- cheese and picke sarnie
    snacks crisp or penuts
    dinner a big meal like homemade cottag pie,stew,pizza, a hugee plate full
    choc bar or hot choclate
    im sooo bad lol and at weekends its 2 big meals day, ow and dont forget shopping day when i pig out all evening lol, xx
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