Hi ladies i am very lucky to be able to say i will be a SAHM for aslong as i want to be image

Just worrying a little about having a clingy baby Alyssa is 6 months old now and i have only every left her with her daddy twice for a couple of hours and with some friends for a couple of hours whilst we went out for a meal with other friends and i knew she would sleep the whole time which she did,

She is already showing signs of wanting me only i take her to lots of baby groups 3 a week but obviously i stay with her so i guess i'm worrying that when it comes to nursery age she won't be used to being without mummy and it will be quite upsetting for me and her?!?

Just wondering what you other stay at home mummys thought



  • Hi Mrs P, I'm a SAHM to image I have a little boy who's almost 9 months, I have tried to from the start make him nice and social as I worried about him being clingy.

    My hubby has him a lot really, I've left the 2 of them together for a long weekend so I could have a break, odd nights and off days. I must admit though I do think that I know him best and find it hard to let others have him as I think "well, you don't know him like I do and I haven't got days to explain all his behaviour and signs to you!" lol

    I try to let visitors play with him and I step back, just lately he's stayed overnight at a friends, and soon hubby is taking him to see his family while I stay at home.

    Is there family and friends you would trust with her just to take her for a few hours or overnight once a week? Just to get her used to it. If they are close by you won't be too far incase theres problems. Plus us mummies have to learn to be away from these gorgeous babies to, which is very hard xxx
  • Hello
    I'm also a SAHM image
    Well I've made sure DD is as sociable as can be, we go to baby groups & mix with other people & babies.
    My Mum has had her on the odd occasion if I've got something to do that I can't take her to. She's never stayed anywhere overnight though.

    I must admit though that I think it would be ME that would find it very tough handing her over to someone else. I know her SO well and everything she wants, when she wants it, how her naps go etc etc so I find it tough even when she's with my Mum for a few hours (however I do write a long list!!!!)

    I think that maybe next year, she's almost 9 months now, illmaybe look at putting her in a nursery for 1/2 a day, or 1 day a week. Be good for her I think.
    It's lovely being a SAHM and not having to worry about going back to work & childcare xx
  • i too am SAHM with my older 3 i worked 3 hrs once a week where DH had them so were only with me or him i took them to all the groups etc and DS1 was amazing he went to pre school fine no problems he is outgoing very sociable did exactly the same with DS2 and he hated it cried very clingy etc so i think as long as do groups etc and do your best t socialize them to get them used to it. i think its as much about their personality too as i did the same for both and so different
  • I am a SAHM too image My biggest concern is Hannah being too clingy! We too go to several baby groups. The longest we have been apart was 4 hours on a first aid course, and it killed me!

    I was a very shy child, but as my dh is very outgoing, I am hoping she will take after him.

    When we meet up with our NCT friends, they interact with Hannah, so she is used to other adults. Unfortunately, we don't have any family that can babysit so that we get time apart image

    I don't think it will do her any harm not going to nursey yet, but when she is 2-3, I will probably put her in for a morning or 2. I don't want her to be disadvantaged to her peers image
  • I really cannot bare the thought of leaving her in the care of anyone, i feel like only i know what her cries mean and what she wants and how to do things "right"
    I know i must for her sake aswell as my own but it scares me half to death haha!!

    Don't really have any family i would leave her with i do have some lovely friends who babysat for us before and the female of the two is a nurse on a childrens ward so i guess that is a bonus she is really good with Alyssa though and Alyssa seems to love her.

    Yikes what the hell am i going to be like on her first day at school i will be hiding in the bushes with binochulars (sp)lol

  • we went to mothercare at the weekend to buy our stroller and i couldn't do it we left without one as i didn't want her not facing me haha what a wimp!!!

  • haha, i need to be brave and get one i'm sure Alyssa will love it she is a very nosey baby so im sure she will be shouting just like Mia!!

    Note to self stop being a wimp and buy a stroller and leave Alyssa with someone for a few hours whilst awake!!!

    Hmmmm sounds scary even writing that down!!

  • I worry about this too. We have no close friends or family where we live so LO spends all his time just with us and no other adults. Sometimes family come to stay or close friends but they feel like strangers to LO to start off with and by the time he's used to them they've gone. I also see a few friends close by but they're not close friends who LO sees regularly. I'm very worried this will affect his social skills. I take him to lots of groups and activities and he's very interested in other babies, he's also very bonded with us and I think that helps them to take social risks. I grew up with a lot of people around and I just worry about this. :roll:
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