Wii Fit???

How has one and if you do it does it work?

Not only am I still carrying baby weight from having Tommy 5 months ago but from Ollie who is now 7!

I really want a Wii fit but my DH is worried its gonna end up sat in the cupboard gathering dust along with my lateral thigh trainer, big ball thingy(so much use have forgotton what its called lol), ab lounger etc!

As you can see - once I am bored I stop lol!

Is this worth the money and is it addictive and fun????


  • Hiya, we have one and were actually playing it last night. My friend who's abit geeky and uncoordinated was over, so we got him doing the hula hoop bit and filmed him without him knowing, lol. So immature but it was hilarious, possibly a clip for you've been framed. It is addictive, but I go through phases of playing it loads and then not at all. Not sure if it's good for weight loss. Have lost weight but could be the 2 hourly breast feeding (am being eaten alive!)

    You may as well just get one, you know you want to...lol


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  • I love mine!!! It is so fun and certainly addictive hunnie.... you design your own little characters and have your own weight/bmi chart ect to work on, Its quite funny too, the little comments it comes out with!!!

    Ps- my oh designed his mi wii (character) looking all sporty ect, then he did a body test which included being weighed, and afterwards the wii made his character fatter!!! all by its self!! Was so funny, so he edited it to be slim again!! xxx
  • It's soooooo much fun! To be honest once lo is in bed I don't have the energy to get on it at the mo, but I really should!

    If you don't loose weight and if you put it on it aks you why.....there wasn't an option for 'am pregnant' lol

    There's lots to it, I like the balence gamesbut can't do the hula hoop game!

    Oh and I like step.....this is encouraging me to get on it tonight.....
    Do you already have a wii? I've asked dh for wii music for xmas, for that game you use the wii fit board as drums, and with the new rayman, raving rabbits you sit on it to do something......so, new games are coming out that you can use the board for too!
  • I love it, it is soooo funny watching everyone else do it but you dont really give a thought to what you look like when its your turn. It is great fun, although hubby wasnt too impressed when it made his mii really fat and round lol
  • I love mine, I've unlocked a rythmn boxing thing and it's brilliant. By the end of the exercise I am sweating! I've not been on mine for ages and I was very disapointed to find out last night that I had gained 4lb!! Needless to say I will be using it more now lol
  • I haven't got one but my OH suggested getting me one for Christmas! Do you think he is trying to tell me something?

    Mind you it was my birthday 2 weeks ago and he still hasn't got me a present so I'm not holding my breath!
  • I really really want one now - best log off and go be nice to DH lol
  • It is really good but to be honest ours was a waste of money because when Kara went to bed it was the last thing I felt like doing. We sold our Wii this week and gave the Wii fit to my brother in law. It is brilliant if you know you will use it. We only used ours for about a week.
  • We've got a wii fit & i think it's brill!! don't go on it as much as i used to when i first got it, but thats minaly coz me & oh have got games we play together & coz oh got his christmas present early in the form of an x-box I don't think I'm gna get on it properly til after xmas!!! lol

    but apparently they're quite hard to get hold of atm
  • I love it but if I am honest I hardly EVER get on it - just don't have the time or inclination at the end of the day and cos only one can play on it at a time(not like the wii generally) when myhubbie is sat in the lounge we just play the Wii rather than the Fit but did see advertised the new Rayman Rabbids that includes a game to play using your butt on the fit board that looks great!!!!! Including giving yourself FART POWER :lol: right up my streeet :lol: !!!!!
  • A little bird told me that Toys r Us get loads in on a Friday night but they are usually gone by Saturday night - being nice to DH so its defo on the cards lol
  • oh yes - suck up to that hubbie then!!!! image
  • I'm borrowing one at moment (to decide if its worth money). Its good fun, to play and to watch. Lots of different games to play. Very clever, allows you to do step aerobics whilst watching normal tv etc. Good for co-ordination and balance.
    It keeps moaning about me gaining weigh though (needs an im pregnant button! LOL)
  • So glad I logged on tonight! My OH has bought me one for Xmas - it was supposed to be a surprise but I was going on and on about not using the Wii and putting it on Ebay, so he had to tell me!! I wasn't sure whether or not I'd use it but everyone's comments seem positive image
    He had a struggle to find one but managed to get one in Game, ??69.99 plus ??14.99 for a 'skin'. Toysrus do get them in, apparently 6 at a time and they never know what delivery they are coming in on.
    Only problem is that I want it NOW and he says I've got to wait til Christmas day........working on him though!! hahaha xxx
  • me and hubby want to get one, but at the moment all the shops seem to have increased the prices so we will hold of intill feb before we buy it x
  • just to add, if anyone's got older children too as in 3+ the famly trainer is brilliant! wiifit is good for keeping track of weightloss, yoga n muscle workouts etc but when it comes to cv i think the family trainer is better (we've got both!!) & it's a good way for olders ones to burn off energy when it's raining! Jason loves watching me & oh on it! just lays there n laughs at us!! lol
    it's also cheaper than the wiifit! (rrp ??44.99) n it comes with the game & the mat for it
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