Baby rice

Hi i have just started giving dd baby rice in preparation for weaning her in the next week or so. I noticed it says to make with warm milk but just wondering how important it is to make it with warm milk? The reason i ask is dd has expressed breast milk and takes it cold. On the rare occasion she has had formula she won't take it if its even slightly warm so it therefore seems pointless heating such a small amount of milk to make up baby rice. Thanks catherine and niamh (23 weeks and 4 days )


  • Im not sure what the excat advice is but my son used to have it with room temp milk i never warmed his milk ever he was happy to eat it cold.
    If shes happily eating it then i wouldnt worry to much

  • You can just add milk from the bottle once lo has drank what they want. This is what I did. xx
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