RE - big meet up for everybody

just having been reading all the replies to the post by madnbella regarding a big, central, BE meet-up, i just thought i'd put up my hand and nominate myself to organise one. I posted about this last year and lots of people said they'd like to but we thought initially it'd be too difficult.

I'm always up for a big task/challenge that i can get my teeth into, once i put my mind to it i have great fun (like planning my wedding in 5weeks lol)

If you're all happy for me to arrange something i'd love to, obviously with all of your support idea's and input.

I'd keep you all updated with regular posts and will happily listen to any suggestions or whatever and bear in mind all of your needs as best i can.

the first thing i'd need though is the go ahead from you all..... then i can start the fun with making notes/lists and my plotting and scheming and then get on here for some suggestions!

so...... for all who would like me to arrange something - say AYE

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