Christening Favours

Its my LO christening on the 15th of Aug in Italy. There it is traditional to give each of the guests a favour, the same sort of thing you would give at a wedding.

The Christenings favours we have recieved in the past have been really naff or very Italian.I want something that reflects that Emilia is part English and that people can keep.

Anyone any ideas? So far all I can think of are flower seeds, but as the climate is very hot where we live most of what I can get wont survive over there.


Joanna x


  • i gave a candle with gave church etc on a a photo of toula it came in little white bag with pink ribbon was lovely i got from ebay x
  • oh on another note have you thought about a present for emilia to remember the day? i'm going to make a prayer/wish box for emmy's 1st birthday (not having her christened). basically you just get a lovely box and some little slips of paper and ask everyone who comes to write a thought, memory, prayer or wish on the paper and put it in the box for her? i'm going to give emmy hers on her 18th/21st i think xx
  • erm lots of random ideas that a probably naff but i'm sleep deprived so it's the best i can do at the min lol:

    a dummy in an organza bag tied with a pic of emilia?

    a scroll tied with red white & blue ribbons and a lil pic of emilia that has a baby blessing wrote inside? (There is a song in man There is a song in woman And that is the child's song.When that song comes There will be no words.Do not ask where they are.Just listen to the song.Listen to it-Learn it-It is the greatest song of all) this kind of thing

    a keyring with her picture on in a little bag?

    a candle with her name pic in a bag?

    a little girls sock with a 'treasure' inside, a cheap bracelet/necklace with an E or something and a lil photo?

    a little union jack with her hand and foot prints on it? (is she half italian or do you just live there for work? sorry i can't remember) if so maybe an england flag with hand prints and an italian one with foot prints? (am sure flags shouldn't be hard to get this year! lol)

    a copy of the newspaper from the day she was born/christening day?

    a copy of the songs that were number one?

    a cheap babygrow that you culd customise somehow? but maybe you could make your own?

    ok out of ideas now! lol
  • its tobys naming day in a few weeks and our favour to all our guests is a cd of songs - my husband picked 8 and i picked 8 - my hubby likes metalica and i love the carpenters so it was a good mix - from John Lennons Beautiful boy to "splish splash i was taking a bath"

    On the front is a picture f tobys face and on the back is a picture of his bottom saying "the End"

    I have also sent out 2 blue luggage tags to everyone who was invited even if they aret able to come - on it they will write a wish for toby - both tags will say the same thing one will go up on a helium balloon the other will be his guest book with the difference!

    Where in Italy? We married in Sorrento x
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