eczema and soya milk

hi all
my lois nearly 9 weeks old and has had eczema on her face, arms, legs, chest, belly and back since she was around 2 weeks old. when we went for a THIRD opinion as docs dont seem to take it too seriously, and hes given her cream and a steroid cream, as wellas putting her on soya milk.
has anyone had a child with bad eczema and been told to use soya milk? even though her eczema developed the day after i stopped bfeedin and put her on the bottle,im still a bit sceptical.
anyone have any happy ever after stories for me ? image


  • Gabe had terrible eczema in the areas you describe - aka, everywhere - so I know how horrid it is. We just control it with a emollient cream but sometimes it needs steroid cream as well when it gets bad. I have heard soya milk can help as sometimes eczema is caused by an allergy, and if she was OK on breastmilk then it may be an allergy to cows milk, and formula is made from cows milk. xx
  • Soya milk is only given to babies if they have an intolarance? or alergiey is she poorly with it honey? x
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