Arrrgh my stupid oh!!!!

Has bloody left my present lying around!!!!!!

I asked him to get some of his familys presents out of his room (spare room - he works nights so we have sep rooms - how sad lol!) so I could wrap them when Gabe was in bed. And of course he never did. He's at work now and I wandered up to dig out the presents. I was looking for his sisters' presents and saw a black bag on his desk thinking they might be in there. And I saw 3 jewellery boxes and thought CRAP this is my present!!! As I know he's got his sisters games (they both have wii's). I'm sooo gutted. I knew he was getting me jewellery. But still it's ruined the surprise!!!

Still...3 things. wonder what they are ... was tempted to have a peek and rattle the boxes! ;\)


  • Well done for not looking-I so would of! Gave my oh a list of stuff we needed last week and he stopped off on his way home from work. He left the list around and I saw he'd added what he was getting me so I know now by mistake. Am a bit disappointed butam pleased as he's taken a hint-finally!! 3 pieces of jewellery sounds lovely.x
  • Why are men so stupid lol! I got mil to hide his present for me, dunno why he didn't do that.
  • I always know what my hubby has bought me, and when I guess I can tell by his face that I'm right! I've been out tonight and he's wrapped my presents...and left them on the table! So of course I had a little feel and now I know what 2 of them are!! I'm quite glad though cos I reckon he's got me a nice perfume that I wanted.

    Ooh, 3 pieces of jewellery, how lovely! I'm sure you'll still be suprized on the day as you don't know exactly what they are- unless you can guess by shapes of boxes!

  • I didn't even look at the box shapes really. I only looked at it for a second then dropped it in shock!!
    Don't think any ring shaped boxes ;\)
  • He might be hiding that one! :lol:

    You'll still get a nice suprize then- just tell him not to be so careless next year!

  • Nah he won't do me anything from Gabe. I have a 'daddy' card for him from Gabe but he already told me he wasnt gonna buy a 'mummy ' one so I am a bit sad!!! image
  • Aww Tiger Lily that's mean tell him!!!!! But hey, thinking about I never get my class to make Father's Day cards but we always make Mother's Day cards (except if they have no mum then we make a card for the person who looks after them) so you will get cards when Gabe is at school and Daddy won't! Actually I have no idea why I don't make Father's Day cards now with my class......

  • My OH hasn't got me anything yet, but I'm more than happy! He's gonna get it tomorrow cos I'll want to open them as soon as he gets them! I can cope with waiting one day!!

  • My DH is doing his "shopping" tomorrow! He does absolutely sod all shopping-wise for Christmas. This year we agreed we'd not do pressies as we'd like a new dining table & that'll be our gift, but we would do something from Dylan to each other!

    Tiger Lily, you were v v good not to peek...i've actually opened some presants already & stuck them back down (just wanted to see what crap the out-laws have bought us this year)!!!!
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