First words

Ok, so how do you know a first word is actually a deliberate first word?

Obviously they experiment with the sounds babababa, mamamama, etc.

It just seems James is saying mama, mamamama a LOT. Not always to someone, sometimes just generally but it can end up quite loud to get attention.

I'd love it if his first word is mama, and I'm answering him everytime he says it, in the hopes he'll associate it with me! :lol: Any other way I can encourage him along?? xx


  • Thanks mia's mummy. James literally shouts it sometimes, but stops when I go in the room. I appreciate when they say something like mama, it is unspecific to start with, not actually associated with the right person. But I'm hoping by me speaking to him when he says it, if he's not actually saying it he will learn to!! xx
  • Keep doing what you're doing! He will soon start associating. Im surprised how quick my son is picking up words - his first words (mamma, dadda and bubba were at 5 months) he is now 8.5 mnths and he says bye-bye or ta-ta with a wave (most times when we are actually leaving or someone is going, other times it can be random :lol: ). He also says Cat when he sees our cat and Hey! I often repeat words to him, like animals so when a dog is in a book or on the tv or outside I repeat Dog and point to it or touch it - I think Im possibly now hearing Dog from him too.
    I also have little stickers up (call me anal... they are actually to remind hubby!! but seem to be serving another purpose now) like "Teeth" on the wall next to the bath where his toothbrush is hanging. You only have to mention the word and his head spins round to it. They use flashcards like this at gymbaroo too - not to teach them to read but to recognise words.

    It's such a fun stage. Im loving it.
  • the way emmy is going i don't thinks she's ever going to say mam or dad! lol she likes saying hiya, hello, and a one i hoped she wouldn't learn for a very very long! lol

    we're doing the same as you answering when she says something that sounds like it, or saying dada and pointing to daddy etc but she's having non of it...however give her my dumbo teddy and tell her it's dumbo and she tries to copy that word, go figure! lol
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