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grumpy unsettled baby

My little boy is 15 weeks old and for the past 3 days has not been himself. He has always needed lots of attention and needs regular sleep thoughout the day, but recently he hasnt been right. Just wandered is anyone had any ideas on what could be going on?

He is dribbling a lot, putting hands and my hand/fingers in his mouth, crying more and yawning from morning til night. He sleeps well from 7pm to 5am each night and has naps everytime we go out in the pram/car so approx 3 hours in total in the day. He yawns from the moment he wakes on and off til he next falls asleep. He will never sleep if just put down in the day and has even been protesting at being rocked to sleep, which he always loved. We dont wake him up although he doesn sometimes disturb when we get home, so does perhaps wake sometimes when he is not ready. We have tried feeding him an extra bottle which he took. He brings up the odd mouthful of feed. I have also tried dentinox teething gel and he bites down and sucks my finger hard. His gums are not red or swollen though. He doesnt have a temperature and there is nothing else obvious i.e. normal nappies etc.

Any ideas guys? Thanks...

Angela x


  • thirsty? cramps? wind?

    my ciaran wil happily take another bottle but i found it didnt solve his grmpiness and he had been acting up aswell. i started giving him warm water and alil sugar if he woke up,rather than another bottle as he ould just be thirsy not hungry.

    if you have changed orhe has been on th same formula for less than 3months it can iriitate his stomach as his body gts used to it, this doesnt always show straight away so in this case comforting him is all you can really do. check he has no whiteness on his tongue or gums before his next feed, if yes then bring him to the doctor. if he has a small drop of mycostatin on his tongue three or four times a day will help, its only a fungal infection but it will irritate him.

    wind can also really annoy them, ciaran is cribbled with wind even though he seems to get alot up easily enough.but then he will wake up and be cranky half way between i was told to try rotating him on my lap. sit him down on your lap and rotate his upper half in slow circles, it helps realise trapped wind from under ribs.

    sorry for it being so long, i just know how irritating it feels. ciaran is alot better since i started the things about, so please dont think im critising you, ciaran was kept in hospital for five weeks aftrer he born because he 8weks early. so im just passing on some of the brilliant advice i picked up. sarah xxx
  • It sounds like his teeth are on the move under his gums, they cause them agro on and off for quite a while before actually coming threw. xxx
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