How much weight...

...did you gain whilst pregnant? I ate my way through morning sickness so put on lots...used to be around 9st size 8-12 pre-pregnancy but am now a staggering size 18 in trousers and 11st!!! I only lost 1 stone having lo!!! Have been breastfeeding for a month with no weight loss but milk supply is dwindling now - think I need a serious diet! Would be interested to hear other stories - dh says I'm being too hard on myself having only had lo a month ago x


  • i didnt gain much when i was preggers with evie wich was pleasing, but boy have i made up for it now,lol i was size 14 before i was preggers and size 12 after, now back to a 14 (after 9m of no brie i went a bit mad)
    9m on 9m off is what people say but i say sod it, im far too busy being a mummy to care about my muffin top,
    and its only a month hun since u had lo, try not to worry about ur weight u have a baby and oh that love u what ever, bf is definately good for burning the cals hun, about 500 a day! also helps uterus get back to normal faster, be sure to have plenty of water and lots of fruit/veg (bf is thirsty work in the early weeks)
  • I have no idea what weight i was at the end of my pregnancy but i was just shy of 14st two weeks after the birth! I'm now 12 1/2st and my LO is 8 months. It's taking me ages! I still have a stone to go before I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!
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