We are STILL being sick!

Ok, so I know babies get bugs, and I know it takes them a while to get over them, but Ryan is still being sick (and the only reason Alfie isnt is because he is refusing to eat or drink anything past his morning bottle!)

Ryan is hungry, wants to eat like normal and cries at food times like normal, so I am feeding himlike normal. Yesterday lunchtime he threw up all of his lunch and there were remnants of his breakfast there too. Then he refused to eat tea and took 2-3oz of his nighttime bottle. Then, this morning, he has 5oz of milk and promptly threw the lot back up again, had some breakfast but refuses to drink anything.

Alfie is a different matter entirely. He hasnt been sick since Tuesday evening, but he just wont eat or drink anything.

As a result, both their nappies are relatively dry and they are grumpy and tired. They both have bad chests and have had 1 dirty nappy ech since Saturday.

I dont know what to do. Ive been up the drs twice, once Sunday and Tues eve and im going to phone them again this morning but im just so worried about their nappies and their general lack of personality.

Please tell me they will get better because im not sure how much more I can do :cry:

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 9 and 3/4 months


  • Oh hun, i dont know what to say but didn't want to read and run!!
    Your poor poor boy's (& you!) are they taking any water? When my ds1 had a bug at just 2 months old the doc told me to water down his feed ie 4 oz water in bottle with just 2oz powder, not sure if you've tried this??
    I def think another trip to doc or a&e if your really worried would be the right way to go.
    Big hugs to you all & i hope the boys get better soon xxx
  • Hi Gemma,

    I never really post on here but come on frequently to pick up tips and advice.

    I felt I had to reply to your thread as I was in the exact same position as you 4 months back with my son (now 13 months), he had a bug which went on for 3 of weeks and I was at my wits end. He was similar to Ryan, wanted to eat some of the time but promptly throw it up.

    After numerous visits to the doc's and not getting very much advice only diroltye (sp) which he wouldn't entertain, it was my mummy friend who suggested sticking to ???????white??????? foods and carbs, no veg, fruit, meat etc as it could irritate their tummies. I continued to give milk when he would take it along with yogurts and bland carbs; pots, cauli, rice etc I resorted to buying some stage 2 jars like cauli and cheese, I guess to reintroduce food to his delicate tummy. This seemed to help him and neurotic me!! He got better once I did this not sure if it was a coincidence.

    Also I struggled getting water into him so would use a medicine syringe to get some fluids into him, as like you I was worried at each nappy change, my son also had diarrhea along with sickness so I would do anything to get fluids into him.

    Another thing to consider is apparently they can become lactose intolerant for a short while once they have had a bug, I picked this up from google when ds was poorly so maybe that is worth looking into if it goes on for a while.

    I hope this will help and that they both get better soon, its so worrying as you feel totally helpless.

    Jessica xx
  • Thank you for your replies. Weve been back to the Drs on their request and they have said we need to keep doing what we are doing and ride it out. Not helpful, but very helpful at the same time. He said that if they wouldnt eat (Alfie) then maybe introduce another bottle to get him to have something. Might try this, although they dont drink the 2 they have so not sure how this will pan out! lol. He also said we should be grateful (in a nice way!) that they dont have diorhea (sp) as they would hit crisis point much quicker!

    Jessica - Thankyou for your very helpful reply. We tried 'white' veg but they didnt want to know! They are allergic to cows milk so cant have yoghurt etc (which is a pain as I know I always ate yoghurt when I was poorly as a child!). Thing is, they, Ryan especially, really like their food and just dont drink milk (they have a morning bottle of 6oz which they sometimes drink and an evening bottle of 6oz which they rarely drink!) We have also tried the syringe but once they realise its not the lovely calpol(!) they spit it back out again!

    Thanks again...just going to keep going. Was feeling a little sorry for myself this morning
  • Didn't realise they're allergic...sorry, sounds like you have tired everything. You are right keep going and all of a sudden they will pick up, be prepared they will eat you out of house and home to make up for it!! x
  • Hi hun,

    Have your bubbas got a temperature? Only reason I ask is my DD was sick for 6 days and would not eat and eventually would not drink. Doc said it was a bug and until she is "floppy" not interested :O....but after 2 days of dry nappy I decided to go to A&E.

    After tooing and froing they diagnosed her throat was almost closed up and was pus filled :'( They did not call it this but I guess it is similar to Toncilitus (sp?), anyway 10 days later after antibiotics she is 100%.

    Get a second opinion is what I am trying to say. Let us now how you go hun xxx

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  • i went through the exact same thing and it's hell - can't imagine what it's like with twins!

    ours went on for weeks and the only way we beat it was syringing water/milk into him, 5mls every 10-15 mins! very little and very often, it worked almost instantly! have you been given dioralyte? if not, ask for it cuz it's fab! it replaces sugars and salts in the body that they'll obv have lost.

    the 2nd time he had the bug we got dioralyte straight away and beat the bug in 4 days, he was eating full meals on the 5th day! x
  • Well, we are now on day 7 and the sick is still there but ever decreasing. Thankfully they have started producing wet nappies again and Alfie is beginning to want to eat (Ryan never stopped! lol). They seem to be sick with a bottle rather than food, which is apparantly because dairy irritates the tummy and although they are on different milk, it is still milk, just treated.

    mrsjbourne - That seems to be how we got round it. They wanted bottles so we gave them the bottles when they would want it, but we had to syringe other liquid in every 30 mins or so (not easy with 2 babies who just spat most of it back out!)

    Thankfully, according to the dr, we were lucky they didnt have diorhea (sp) as we wouldve ended up in hospital at crisis by Thurs if they had!

    We are on the mend, slowly! Thanks for your help xx
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