rush of love

when did you have it?

I had it yesterday (Emily is 11 weeks) I was just overcome with emotion. She is so amazing and so perfect! I never experienced that rush at birth with my youngest 3 - only my first born. I loved them all from the start dont get me wrong! xx


  • I didn't get it at birth, I loved him from the minute I knew i was carrying him but the rush came after about a week once the shock and exhaustion had worn off.

    I still get rushes and they are getting stronger each time! I love him all the time but there are times when I just get this extra big rush of love for him. When he was born I didn't think i'd love anything as much, now I love him so much more than I did then, if anyone hurt him I don't think I could be held responsible for my actions!
  • I love him more than I ever imagine, even more so when ex his dad upsets me and I pick lol up and have a good cry and a cuddle and that reminds me how much I love him and he loves me 2, the fact that I am not on my own I have my beatiful little man that will be 1 in 9 days time.
  • aaawww ladies that is so sweet. Arnt they just great! xx
  • with dd1 i didnt get it straight away it kind of grew and one day when she was gurgling away to herself i realised i'd had it, With dd2 i had it at birth as she had a dramatic birth and when i finally got to hold her it was just like woosh and was there, now with both of them when i watch them playing nicely together i get it all over again image
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