need advice please help

hi girls
my lo is 6 months old but was 2 months prem he has been sleeping 12 hours for about 2 months now but has suddenly started waking and screaming at about 3.30 - 4.30 am he does let out let a cry at about 12-1am i have no idea what is wrong with him but its a real sob when he cries between 3.30-430 i usually go in and give him a cuddle and put a dummy in, he does stop crying when he seems me tho so i know hes not hungry he is weaned and on three meals aday but he is drooling alot and chews everything he used to be a really laid back baby and know he is just grumpy all the time but he does have the rosy cheeks that with go with him teething
has anyone got any ideas as this is really getin me down i sat and sobbed this morning cus i just dont know whats wrong.

sarah xxxx


  • Most probably teething hon. Try leaving some bonjela or the like next to his cot and rubbing some on his gums when he wakes up. My lo doesn't even like his dummy because his gums are so sore sometimes.

    Also if it's 3.30 every night he could be waking through habit now (perhaps caused by teething in the first place possibly?) I'm not sure what to do for this, but I read in the Baby Whisperer that you should wake him an hour before the habitual waking time, to get them out of the habit. I know it seems backward, but this is supposed to work apparently!

    Good luck hon - sounds like you're doing a great job.xx
  • It's probably teething pain, I'm going through a similar thing with my almost 7 month old. If she wakes in pain I usually give her a teething powder or rub on some bonjela, have you tried that?

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