Baby monitor advice please

I have a nine month old and I am expecting my second in three months time. They will not be sleeping in the same room to start with. Will I need two different monitors or has anyone heard of a baby monitor that has two transmitters and one receivier? I'm not sure what to do for the best.

Thank you in advance,

Denise xxx


  • hi denise,
    i had a similar problem, and in the end bought another monitor - one set to 'A' channel, the other to 'B' channel. i put my babies monitor next to me, and my toddlers on the other side of the room.

    it lasted all of a week i think, before i got rid of them - the interference drove me mad. i ended up with one for the baby, and leaving my bedroom door open! i know the fire risk etc & fire doors, but i needed to be near enough to hear them!

    one of my friends said to get rid of them totally, and to be honest, with my third (nearly 9 months) i have done!

    she fortunately sleeps well, but if she ever has cried, she has woken me through her door (if you know what i mean).

    i wouldnt get another monitor, unless you can get one that does both.

    the other thing is, would your monitor pick up through the walls? my boys bedroom is next to the nursery, and i could hear the boys chatting on the monitor in my room, through the walls!
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