How much milk does your 5-6 month old have?

At the minute I'm expressing and managing to fulfil my LO's demand, he's 10 weeks. Just thinking longer term, just before weaning at 5-6 months old and I wonder how many ozs/mls he'll be on then.

Would be great if you could let me know what your LO takes. Thanks xx


  • Hannah is 5 months, and has just moved from mixed fed to fully f fed. Like you, I fed her expressed bm exclusively until 12 weeks, then mixed fed until last week. She now has 5 x 6oz per day, hence the mixed feeding, as I just couldn't express enough for her.

    In theory, you should be able to express enough, with each growth spurt, you should be able to make more, as it's supply and demand, but that didn't work out for me.

    The range for ebm intake is between 19 and 30oz per day, with the average being 25oz.

    Good luck, you are doing really well expressing, and if you need any support, give me a shout!

    Cate and Hannah
  • taylor has 3 6oz formula bottles a day but she has cereal for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner so she is on solids too.

    she's 6months xx
  • Thanks for your replies. At the moment I'm expressing about 1100mls/38ozs a day. Sometimes he takes it all but generally I'm able to pop a little in the freezer. It just feels like a lot and I was thinking if his appetite increases further over the next 3 months, how am I going to cope? I know that my supply should increase but if I need to get out significantly more, then I'll be pumping all day.

    Would be great to hear what other babies were taking pre-weaning, thanks xx
  • anyone else please?
  • My lo is 18 and a half weeks and is ff. Not weaning yet as he's not interested. He was taking 5 7oz bottles a day but he didn't seem hungry enough so we have just chanaged to 4 8oz bottles a day. He is now taking all his bottle in 15 mins as opposed to 5-7 oz in an hr!! This suits him.
    He's been sleeping through since he was 11 weeks. Since we moved to 8oz bottles he's now sleeping 10-11 hours.
  • Hi I am currently expressing all the feeds for my DD as she as trouble latching on!

    Lawso - that sounds like a massive amount to be expressing each day - please share any tips you have for getting such a great amount x
  • Thanks everyone, I hadn't realised how well I was doing until I've read your replies. It seems that my supply is already well established and my LO shouldn't need too much more milk as he develops over the next few months.

    Mrs Calopa - I use a double electric pump, Medela freestyle and express 5 times a day for 15-25 minutes a time, including once during the night, normally around 4am, when I generally get 300mls+ whereas my day sessions only yield around 200mls.

    It's reassuring to know that most babies pre-weaning are on around 30-32oz which I am able to cover now. I was worried that I might need to increase to 40-50 and didn't think I could ever sustain that. Thanks again xx
  • Thanks Lawso - I think thats fab.

    I am using a double electric express pump and expressing up to 10 times a day and get no where near those amounts. Today I have expressed 5 times already and have got 110ml, 70 ml, 80ml, 100ml and 70ml! Though on the plus side the amounts seem to be increasing since I started on the double expressing last week!

    I would love to have a supply like yours lol
  • My LO is 6 months old and we have been weaning for a few weeks now. He takes about 20-25oz formula daily. Pre-weaning he used to have approx 28oz formula daily.
    The recommended daily milk intake (FF or BF) is 500-600ml (20oz approx) upto 1yr old in addition to any other food they have.
    Hope this helps

    Shell xx
  • my LO is 6 months and she has 32ozs of formula daily.
    Its fab that you guys have managed establish a great supply on just pumping! sounds like you have more than enough! Well done..... I know how much hard work it can be!

    Im thinking maybe a breast fed baby needs more milk as its more easily absorbed than formula so need more food on a daily basis? Just a thought.

  • That's wonderful, thanks so much for your replies, I feel very reassured that I can continue this longer term now xx
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