First Tooth


Brooke has been really unsettled the last few days, crying, not feeding properly and chewing her fingers/fists, smelly greeny poos. When she was smiling at me today, I noticed she has a little tooth coming through. To be honest I thought she was a bit young, as she is only 9 weeks and 5 days. But my mum had a look and said it is defintely a tooth.

Has anybody elses baby had a tooth coming through this young?



  • well done brooke some children cut there early we are still wating for faith teeth she 31 week
  • wow i think jenny's jensen is also cutting teeth and he roughly similiar age to your lo. xx
  • Amber is teething at the mo I think.

    She dribbles, is always chomping on her hands and has high colour in her cheeks most nights. She can be a bit grumpy too. Sometimes refuses the boob point blank and screams at me!!

    I bought her a teething ring - which she holds (my good gilr) but still prefers to chomp her hands.

    As for the poops, we are lucky if we get one a week out of her (she is b'fed)

    Amy n Amber - 11 weeks today xxxxx
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