Stupid stupid men - not entirely baby un-related!!!

Just logged onto Facebook and my ex, my ten year old son's 'father' has sent me a message!! Cheeky git!! He hasn't seen Oli since he was about 2 when he took me to court for contact - I didn't object completely, just insisted on rules being put in place to protect my baby - didn't suit the other party so he didn't bother. He's paid the CSA on and off for the last 9 years, mostly 'off' and now has the flipping audacity to send me a friend request and a message on Facebook - is it me?????

Sorry to moan just so shocked!!!! image xxx


  • Thanks for the reply Lea Pea (love your little girl's dress btw)!
    I was (and still am!) gobsmacked! At the mo he's not paying the CSA, but his employment details are on his profile - thank you very much - now where's that phone???
    He didn't mention seeing Oli, at least if he tries to get in touch Oliver's feelings will be taken into consideration because he is older.....just hope he doesn't, we can do without the hassle xxx
  • omg! i wld be fuming, if he hasnt shown any interest for all this time and dosnt pay regular to csa,
    do u know what ur gonna do hun?
    it may be that he has changed, but im a bit sceptical as my ex has had many chances but hasnt been in contact since evie was around 9wks, not that he paid much attention to the kids when he did come over, more interested in what i was up to,lol

    men can be a right pain in the a**e sometimes.

  • I would also be sooo cross. DD's biologican father hasnt seen her since she was 2 either. He saw her a couple of times as a baby, then disappeared off the radar (never had any money from him at this point). When I moved house I sent him our new address so that he could never blame me for his lack of contact and he did get in touch. He came to see us, barely looked at Lauren and spent the whole time moaning about his new partner! He left saying "I'll call you Saturday" and I havent seen him since.
    I mentioned to a friend that maybe he would change, grow up a bit but she pointed out that at 34 he was grown up! Thank god really though as now I have a brilliant husband who loves dd absolutely as his own and is a great dad.
    Stupid men exactly, but its they're loss!
  • Its not just you because its happened to me too lol!!!!My ex sent me a msg and friend request on fb....then emails me nast emails saying he will take me to court if i try to prevent him seeing his son!all i want is for him to get off his lazy ass and get a job and start providing for his son!!!!men eh?!
  • Thanks for your replies image

    I'm still shaking my head about it! My lovely OH thinks I should reply nicely......proving once again that men are indeed from another planet! Although I do think he has a point, and it'll give me an opportunity to gently remind him about the CSA and his financial responsibilities.

    Oli has never asked about his father, every now and again I ask him if there's anything he wants to know etc - but he's not interested. Maybe a case of what you've never had you never miss? I don't know......I realise there will come a point when Oli does want to know, and I'll be behind him 100%, I have already vowed not to express my opinion on his father - it won't take him long to work out what a tossbag he is!!

    I've not had any surprises this morning anyway!!

    :lol: xxx
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