having such an awful day- need advice

Caitlin has been up all night with D&S the first time today she wants to play so i let her and she whacks her head off a connector thats metal in our front room for virgin services the thing is, what do i do, she was screaming and i have looked and there is a purple red bloot spot there its on the side of her head, im sitting in tears, she wont take a bottle, as she is sick anyway, wont take water arghh what should i do please girls, it was metal, its hurts her as i touched it


  • take her to docs hun get her checked out. she'll prob be ok but it will be peace of mind for u. big hugs hun xx xx
  • With a bang to the head like that I would ring nhs direct or your docs just to be on the safe side. As she's ill anyway you wont know if she is sick etc from her illness or bang on the head.
    Hope she's ok x
  • yeah id get her checked, she might be cranky cos she's alreasy ill but better safe than sorry. if it hurts to touch it must of been a fair whack. take her to be safe hun x
  • nhs said to take her to docs or walk in centre to get checked out, ill let u know x thanks girls xx
  • oh good, im sure she'll be fine. put your mind at rest though. if you ring docs and tell them youve spoken to nhs they should make an apt for you this afternoon! just demand one! x
  • Only just seen your post hun, hope everything goes ok at the docs.x x x
  • back from walk in clinic, and she is ok, but very shock up, she isnt doing anything, sleeping and needing mummy bless her x Nurse said she should be fine but to keep an extra eye on her x thanks girls what would i do without you xx
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