Help needed with Calpol and Nurofen doses please

Hi Ladies

Just had LO at the doctor as she has a bad cold and a really sore throat and running nose, Doctor said to give her Calpol and that i can also give her Nurofen as well i am wondering how far apart does have to be ???

Lo got upset so didn't get chance to ask properly




  • best thing to do is give calpol and 2 hours later give calprofen and 2 hours later calpol etc etc, this way they always have some medicine on board and makes them feel better and keeps high temps away too xx
  • just realised i put calprofen its same as neurofen xx
  • I think the absolute mimimum would be 4 hours between doses, but normally leave around 6 so they don't have more than 4 doses in 24hrs.
    If you give both take it in turns. I normally give the Nurofen in the evening as it lasts longer in the system. I think Paracetamol may be better for bringing temperature down.
    You can always ring your gp surgery/NHS Direct to get professional advice though to be on the safe side.
  • Thanks ladies i'm gonna pop to the pharmacy in a while i'll see if they can help me.

    I used to know the doses for these but it was a while ago.

  • I think every mum on here will give you a different answer lol!
    Best to get professionals advise from the pharmacy.
    You'll have to let us know what they say. I'd be interested xx
  • ok well LO is aslep at the moment but i'm going when she wakes up i'll update later for you

  • oh no i'm worried now i've overdosed my child, this was the advice we were given by the doc when erin had chest infection, but she was spiking temps of 39.5 and the doc was worried about febrile convulsions so thats probably why she had to have medicine on board xx
  • Hi Mez123

    I have just googled it and it says to stick to 4 doses of paracetol and 3 doses of nurofen but spaced out - unless a doctor tells you otherwise so please don't worry if thats what the doctor told you to do then that would be fine.

    It's so confusing isn't it

  • mez123 - dont worry you did the right thing!

    Airlie bird - the minimum amount of time between does is 4 hours but if you work out the max number of does over 24hrs it usually works out best to give does every 6 hours. I hope your lo is feling better soon!

    Paracetamol and nurafin have differnt actuive ingrediants which is why you can give them together, spacing them out means that you could give a dose of something every 2hrs.

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  • mez123 - I didn't mean to spook you! I was just going by the guidelines but every lo is different when poorly and if your gp said to give more doses then that would be fine esp if got very high temp & quite poorly. They are the experts not us!
    That's why I suggested AirlieBird gets proffesional advice.
  • personal i have always done them two hours apart, although i try not to use calpol i prefer to give them child paracetamol instead as it dosnt have all the E numbers in it
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