Maxi-cosi infant carrier - DD head flops forward....

Afternoon ladies

My DD is 4.5 months old and she's quite a chunky monkey so we've had to take the foam wedge out of the car seat. So she's still got the head hugger in but is now sat a bit more upright if that makes sense. The only problem is sometimes when I look at her in my mummy mirror her little head flops forward in the seat (particularly if she's asleep). She looks really uncomfortable and I'm worried it's not good for her neck.

Has anyone else noticed this and what have you done about it? I'm at a bit of a loss really as the infant carrier obviously doesn't recline at all so it doesn't seem like there's anything I can do (aside from buy another rear-facing seat maybe.....? Have been looking at the Besafe Izi Combi Isofix which looks pricey but great)

All suggestions gratefully recieved!

MN and DD (18+6)



  • I don't know if your car seat has the cushion/pillow bit at the bottom that can be removed? If so, this can be taken out (from 3 or 4 months) and should mean that your lo is in a better position. Hope this helps!xx
  • hmmm not sure ours does honeypops - it had a foam wedge that went sort of behind her bum and lower back to make her lie a bit flatter when she was smaller but now she's too big for it so I've had to take it out (which to be honest is what makes her too upright). AM contemplating the SUnshine Kids sit rite but I don't think it works with my isofix base....

    thanks anyway!
  • Ah, it was the foam wedge that I was referring to-couldn't engage my brain to think of the correct terminology, lol. I posted yesterday about the Britax First Class Plus car seat, which is a next stage one, it isn't compatible with isofix though...we've found ours excellent so far. Good luck in choosing xx
  • Hahaha gotta love those babies for what they do to our brains!!! Think we really need to chose a new car seat so will check out your recommendation. Thanks hun
  • Hi MN

    We have this problem too!! Adam is always slumping forward and getting really uncmnfortable. I'd also thought about buying a new seat, but feel a bit annoyed after spending so much on the Maxi Cosi!

    I'll be watching with interest to see if anyone has any solutions...

  • there was a post about this a few weeks back, its seems quite common, i bought the following to try and fix it and the leveller has definitely helped but to be honest there are still times when her head flops forward if she doesnt have the head support in and she's 18 weeks? Its just a really bad design i think, when she was first born i used to pull over every 5 minutes when driving to check on her and straighten her up!
  • Sounds like an odd question but are you sure her head is definitely slumping forward? My son's head looks like it is slumping forward when I look in the mummy mirror thing but when I pull over it is actually just leaning to the side - I think some of the mirrors have a strange perspective to them which makes it look like the head is slumped forward when it isn't.... worth a check before you go and buy a brand new seat anyway!
  • thanks for the replies girls.

    Mrs CP - unfortunately she's definitely slumped forward as a couple of times I've stopped to check on her and her head is forward over her chest. It really worries me as it can't be good for her breathing.

    Morello - thanks for the links but I think the foamy thing won't work in my car as we use an isofix base.

    So I think my options are to use the base without the isofix fittings (which I'd rather not do as I'm a bit paranoid about incorrect fitting) or investigate a new seat. Have to say Cath, I too am annoyed at the amount I spent on the maxi cosi (and the base! especially as we hardly ever use the infant carrier on the Quinny wheels!!) but to be honest I'd been thinking about getting a rear facing seat for when she grows out of this one anyway so I may just have to stump up the money a little sooner than expected. Off to check some out this morning......

    thanks again girls


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  • Let me know how you get on, I'd be interested to know which one you go for...

    It's so annoying isn't it?!

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