For you all stay at home mums....

What is your job title????

I've just accepted redundancy so am now looking after Callum full time. Just wondering what you say when someone asks you what you do cos saying you don't work just doesn;t really cut it as i work harder now than i ever have!!! So, what do you call yourselves???:\?


  • A slave! Lol. Or maybe a multi-skilled operator. xxx
  • A slave! Lol. Or maybe a multi-skilled operator. xxx
  • Domestic goddess obviously!!Tee hee!! x No feel like a slave at the moment! x
  • Dogsbody!
    Lady who lunches (on lo's leftovers)

    Any of the above will suffice at some point lol
  • Hi
    I work damn sight harder now i'm at home with lo. You're always on the go and woe betide andyone that asks "what have you been doing all day"?!!!
    I don't like calling myself a full time mum cos that insinuates that any mum who works is part time and that's not right in my opinion.
    Maybe we should call ourselves Multi Task Operatives (complete with brooms up our backsides) lol!
  • Tell me about it, its not all bloody Deal or no Deal for us domestic goddesses (although i do like a cup of tea in front of that while Callum has a bottle!) I like multi task operators!!! Although, i think it should definitely include the word manager cos lets, face it, can you imagine if we went on strike?? Although it is tempting when you get that look from your oh when he can't find a pair of socks - he'd never dare say it out loud though!!!!
  • oh do it! If you can stand it - it would be very amusing i'm sure!!! I love the way they get all proud and 'i could do this all day' when they unload the dishwasher and clean the kitchen once!!! They don't realise we do this all bloody day whilst entertaining a bored baby!! My cousins wife actually went on strike for about 3 weeks once and he only noticed when he didn't have any clean pants!!!
  • lol. do it. my oh tells me i do nothin all day, i have poinyed out that it is not the faires that washes, feeds, changes a baby as well as cleanin the house and doin his washin. its like havin 2 kids at times. oh leaves clothes everwhere and then asks why he has no clean clothes.erm - you do know where the wash basket is!!!
  • I'd like 2 say we all have 11 full time jobs, entertainer, cleaner, nanny (2 the oh's not the babies), wash lady, cook, waitress, chamber maid, ironing lady, child minder, accountant & personal shopper! But like the others said it can be summed up in just "slave"! My oh asked me 2 iron his shirt when i was feeding baby the other day, i very calmly pointed out the things with 5 fingers on the end of his arms n told him 2 f***ing use them lol! X
  • Just thinking - years ago wasnt there a price put on the value of a stay at home mum, what she would actually earn for all the jobs.

    Pretty sure it was set like
    Cleaner - ?? per year
    Carer - ?? per year
    Accountant ?? per year
    Taxi Drive ??per year

    and so on and so on and the financial figure was bloody huge!!

    We all know we are priceless tho dont we ladies

  • hahahaha anyone remember my post about this about a year ago!!??? lol i'll send you the link love if i can find it! funny i had just been talking about it to Lee earlier! lol x
  • i just say im a mummy its the best job in the world iv been doing it for almost 7 years now and have loved every minute of it, o dont plan on going back to work till charlie is in school and he is only 12 week and 4 days at the moment so i have another 4 years 6 month to go unless we have a fourth baby x
  • I remember that Natalie!

    I'm just a stayathome mum I'm afraid, Obviously I don't do washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, school runs, shopping, bed making, lunch making, tidying up, entertaining, phone calls. Nope, that just happens all by itself in our house!xx
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