Chicken pox help please?

Hey Ladies
my daughter was exposed to chicken pox on thursday she is only 13 weeks old and just want to no how they might affect her if she has caught them this young? my ds had them at 18 months and it was awful he was pickled head to toe and very unwell with it so i cant imagine how a 13 week old will handle it
so just looking for some experience, advice and reasurance really

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  • My nephew came home from school with them when my niece was still a tiny baby, cant remember exactly how old, but my sister said that she coped better than he did. She is obviously inable to scratch so wont have that problem. Ask your pharmecist which would be the best lotion to use on her to ease the discomfort.

    Fingers crossed she'll be ok.
  • Young babies who catch chickenpox often have it very mildly, so you may find that she only comes out in a few spots. They will still carry some imunity from you, more so if you're breastfeeding, so she might not get it at all!

    If they catch it when they are (I think) under 6 months they may not develop immunity so may get it again as a toddler or child.

    My DD hated the calamine cream, it dried the spots and made them even itchier and more uncomfortable! We had success with E45 Itch Relief Cream, it anaesthetises the itch and is moisturising, within 15 minutes of smoothing it on she was peacefully asleep! Check with the pharmacist that it would be suitable for a small baby though.
  • my dd had it at 10 weeks ...she was covered head to toe in spots but was fine in herself ,whereas my ds was poorly with it and he was 2 and a half xxxx
  • Thank you for the advice feel a bit better knowing that there not to bad at this age
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