Oh God.. am I?..

Girls my own fault!

I had unprotected *ahem* the other day & I've been sick twice this morning.. I do of course want more babies! & I love Charlie and he is really easy! .. but just not quite so soon!

but it took two and a half years to get pregnant with him! lol lulls you into a false sence of sercuirty! I was taking the mini pill but kept missing my time slot and just bleed constantly on it.. it was really getting me down!

TBH.. were not doing 'it' that often anyways as it hurts me! but I'm not silly and know it only takes the once!

lol pleeeeease be a tummy bug! :lol:

but if it's not.. I will be happy image .. just very scared! image after all the trama I went thru trying to get Charlie out!

lol look how close I am to you girls.. haven't even said it to OH as of yet!!

Might just wait and see.. as I found out VERY early last time too! At least I know what signs i'm looking for this time! Oops!

if it is the case.. this baby would still be really wanted! .. lol look at me getting a head of myself!

prob just a false alarm tho.. hey! xxx


  • Eeeek - good luck if you are! When is AF due?

    I am 100% NOT pregnant - yay yay yay! image It would be my worst nightmare right now. I do want more but not for quite a while yet - never fancied the idea of wiping 2 sets of snotty noses & changing 2 sets of pooey bums, lol. Will be having no.2 once Gabe can baby sit - haha!

    I havent scared you have I?? :lol:

    Seriously though if you are I am sure you will do a fab job!xx
  • I'm not quite sure when it's due because on the mini pill I just didnt stop!!

    *has an expression of 'a little worried!'*
  • i had that worry too but as much as i want another baby again i feel its too soon, mine was BFN

    good luck xx hugs hope u get the result u want, take care of urself xx
  • How old is Charlie?

    We had unprotected 'ahem' 3 times after having my LO and I fell pregant when she was 11 weeks old!!

    It's nowhere near as hard as I'dve imagined and really love them being so close in age.

    If you are then congrats!

  • I was on the pill and still fell pregnant! If you've been sick now and you only had unprotected "ahem" the other day its unlikely to be that.
  • aw.. lol if it was the case it wouldn't be so bad really lol just a bit scary i think!

    Charlie is 18 weeks..

    lol whats bnf stand for again.. you'd think I should know!!?

    maybe Carly you are right.. a bit early to be sick huh? prob just a tummy bug & i'm getting myself worked up! lol

    perhaps a good time to discuss our methods lol!! x
  • I don't think youd really be getting symptoms till at least 2-3 weeks after conception, really.

    Could be a tummy bug - they're going round atm! I had one - but the other end (TMI!)
  • lol well Tigerlilly that makes me feel a bit better! haha how funny being pleased to be ill! x
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