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Hypenated Baby Names

Do any other mums out there get mad when people shorten your baby's name?its hypenated for a reason!!Especially when you correct them but they dont take note!My partner and I could not agree on our final choice so we agreed to hypenate our daughters name and its so pretty but as he chose Lily and its the first of the two shes often gets called just Lily and it drives me crazy!


  • What is her full name hun? I can see why you would find it annoying.
    Im on the over side of the fence i chose harrison so that it could be shortened to harri with an I but certain people still spell it harry which really annoyes me, theres no Y in harrison!

    I get annoyed when people tell me off for calling him harri. Silly me! i was under the immpression that i carried him for 9 months and gave birth to him....i must have been mistaken! lol
  • It annoys me so much when people get my boys name wrong, so I can sympathise with both of you. His name is Gabriel and sometimes people call him Gabrielle (the girl's name) - my HV does it - swear its just to irritate me! My stepmum called him GABBY the other day, I could've killed her.
  • Its Lily-Summer. I know it doesnt roll off the tongue as easily as some others but thats her name and I wish they would use it!We never shorten it,people are just lazy!I dont know another Lily-Summer,yet!I love the fact its got the classic name with the more modern...she????s definetly Lily-Summer not one or the other!
  • Thanks hun. Was considering Summer-Lily,as Summer was my first choice and I knew if it was shortened she????d ultimately be Summer but decided it sounded like a type of flower!

  • hiya my dd is called primrose and everyone calls her miss prim which is ok but the odd time she gets called rose and i dont like that so i will correct the ones that do!..x
  • My daughter is called Kara and the reason that I picked this name is because I hate shortened names. It is a pet hate of mine lol. Even though you can't really shorten Kara I would say someone will try. To be honest though my name is Louise and no one really shortens mine either. My husbands name is Raymond and everyone but his family call him Ray including me.
  • Why can't people just call people by their names! Its a huge pet hate of mine so I had to join in the rant! I hate the shortened version of my name and people still shorten it even though I've never ever used it...what gives them the right to think they can call me by something not my name! Thats one of hte reasons I like Cole - it can't be shortened....although just as bad we were at bil's wedding this weekend and the inlaws were all calling him Coley. Every bloody timet hey said his name! Whilst its better than C-J which one of hubbys aunties was calling him its still making me twitch! I think the auntie must have got the message after my very loud in the background while hubby was on the phone 'his name is Cole not cj'!

    I know we call Cole coley sometimes but not all the bloody time! I am impressed by my restraint at not saying anything...but once he's starting to talk I'll put a stop to it. His name is Cole dammit - not Coley!
  • My middle son is called Isaac-Elijah, but we just call him Isaac. (except when hes been naughty!)lol.

    If any1 ever dared to call him Izzy I think i'd flip out tho!

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  • my little boy is Shea Michael (pronounced Shay) but we wanted to use the traditional irish spelling but so many people pronounce it She!!!

    Why would I call my little boy She???!!!!

    My gp is the worst and I keep correcting him but he insists on calling out She over the tannoy
    its sooooooooo annoying
  • I have a Joshua and a Matthew. I really hate the shotened versions Josh and Mat. I always correct people! I dread when theystart school and Josh will be the norm! :cry:

    I really loved these names though and thats why i picked them. didnt think outside the box xxx
  • My lo called Charlotte and I hate the shortened version Lottie.

    Charlie may be ok once she's older (esp if she's a tomboy) but otherwise it will always be Charlotte.
  • Hi all, my name is hyphenated it is laura-leigh but every calls me laura or my family still call me lollylou for some reason! Even now I am older I just use Laura. I didnt hyphenate my childrens names but did give my 2 girls names that can be shortened to give them a choice of what they can be called when they are older, I have madison who can be called maddie and isabella who we do actually call bella already and could also choose issy.

    I didnt with my son however as I wanted to use my grandads name which is George so that one cant really be shortened. My husbands name is charles but hates it and even his family call him chaz along with everyone else. I know him as Chaz and found it quite strange when we got married to call him Charles.

  • Our son is called Dylan Thomas (not hyphenated) & my parents (mum especially) call him that not just Dylan!!! She did with me (Sarah Louise)!

    We picked his name as Dylan is a Welsh name (& as i was born in Wales i wanted that) & Thomas is my DH's middle name. We didn't realise however how many people comment on it being the same name as the poet though!!

    If we'd had a girl she would be Lily-May, and prob would of shortened it to just Lily!! BUT people shouldn't just assume its ok to shorten someones name!
  • thats why i chose brooke coz i hate names that can be shortened! im Jay and there is no shortening that!1

    my friends little girl is laila-jane and i think thats lovely even though we all call her laila when she is older she can be laila or laila-jane.. her mum is sarah-jane and as she grew up she was sarah but when she started working and that she went by sarah-jane and we all call her sarah-jane!
    so it is nice to have the choice.
  • I think people will do anything with a name, if you pick a long name then people will shorten it and if you pick a short name then people will lengthen it, it does bug me to a point, I chose names which I liked the long and short versions of, Jacob gets called jake, Megan gets called Meg, Alice doesnt really get shortened and Isaac gets called Zak or zakky boy, I'm with brandollarz tho, if anyone started calling him izzy then I would put them right. x
  • I quite often call Evie Eve and so do other people, i don't mind it at all to be honest! it's just like with myself people will call me linz as opposed to lynsey and i don't mind it. If people feel comfortable enough around me to give me "nick name" it's quite flattering.
  • I do sometimes think that if you pick a name that can be shortened, you expect people to shorten it. Like I know someone who's lo's name is Samuel and she won't let anyone call him Sam. Fair enough, but he's only going to get called Sam at school so whats the point?
  • Hubby will sometimes call lily 'lil' which i hate! I never shorten the names of kids in my class. I hav an Ellie-mae so that's what i call her. if parents tell me otherwise then that's fine. i hate my name being shortend - louise is fine but am not keen on lou!
  • My mom gave us all short names so they couldnt be shortened but believe me my brother his name is Ian but became E and my name Sara became Sar. My lo is Izzabelle but we have shortened it to Izzy
    but will have the choice when shes older.

  • Just thought i'd be different my name is Mary and i do not like it nearly everyone calls me Mez, my mum calls me Mares and so do the rest of the family. I don't think Erin can be shortened, but then Louise and Kara - my best friend is a Kara and nearly everyone calls her Kar don't know why silly really so i'm sure they will shorten Erin to something.

    I think Lily-Summer is a beautiful name xx
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