Teething First Molars? Please help!

I know this is a toddler question really but there is noone on there at the mo - can anyone offer any advice?

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well. Since yesterday afternoon Neve has become really clingy and tearful, she went to bed at 5.30 and was up four times in the night. This morning she got up at 9am which is really late for her and has been the same, she has a nose like a runny tap and a bit of a temp (38 but has gone down to 37 now). She is off her food although has chewed a couple of times and this seems to upset her. Do you think she is teething molars or I am overlooking an illness?

She will be one in a few days.


  • by first molars do you mean the smaller ones at the front or the larger ones at the back that usually come through between 18-24 months.... ? (I know it sounds like a stupid question)
    Ollie got all his teeth early (cept these back molars), and wasnt really bothered much by any of them, a day or so of not wanting to eat much, chewing everything he could, he did wake a bit in the night i think i remember.....
    she could have a cold, there are loads going round at the moment and Ollie has another one, if she hasnt got a temp then I would just keep an eye on her and see how she goes.

    sorry prob not much help...
  • Holly is starting to get her back teeth and is being so tearful and clingy. Some meals she refuses to eat and is also starting to wake in the night. I personally think with Holly anyway its down to her teeth because when I put my finger in to give her calgel her gums feel soo sore and the tooth thats cut through is like a razor, it must be agony for them!
    If your lo is no better in a couple of days I would take her to the gp just to be safe xxx

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  • Thanks for replying, about 10 mintues after posted she got a lot worse so I checked her temp again and it was 39.7, I took her to the doctors and she has a touch of tonsilitus. Poor little dot is in bed asleep and I am now off for a large glass of wine!
  • Awwwww poor wee thing!! See mummys instincts are always right!! Hope Neve feels better soon and that you enjoy your wine lol xxx
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