Whats the age gap between your babies?

Hi everyone,

I can't believe i'm saying this but I really miss being pregnant. Ruby is only 9 weeks and i'm so broody already! I really love being a Mum and Ruby makes me and my hubby so happy. I never thought i'd be like this!

I am now thinking that i'd love to have another baby. I can't believe i've already forgotton the pain of child birth!

My husband is in the forces and is going away to Iraq in October for 6 months so was wondering about asking him if he wants to try when he comes back for his R & R, half way through, or once he's back home.

Is this just crazy? Is it really difficult having a baby and a toddler? If I fell pregnant in May/June, Ruby would be 2 when baby number 2 is born xx


  • Hi Amy.

    As you know there is 14 months between my two. Its was hard at first but once you get the new baby into a routine its fine. Thats what its been like for me anyway! And when they get older they will play together!!

    I am really broody to but i am NOT having a third for a couple years yet!

    Its not crazy at all...lots of people love small age gaps!! I do! xxx
  • I am 8 weeks pregnant with No 2 and i have an almost 10 month old. My lo will be 17 months when this one arrives. I wanted a close age gap and started to feel broody when my lo was 2 months but we waited to start trying till lo was 5 and half months.

    I think its lovely to have a close age gap but i know it will be hard work at first.

    Speak to your hubby and you can decide what will be best for both of you xx
  • Hi, the gap between my boys is 2yr9mth and between ds2 and dd it's 2yr2mth. Must say, the smaller gap has been easier, but I think that's down to ds2 being more laid back than his older brother!
    One thing I would think about is whether or not you'd want hubby to be home to help you when you are pg. I know i would've struggled, esp with our 3rd if he wasn't around after work and at weekends.
  • millie is neally 1 year old and ive been trying for my second one for 10 months, im due to test in a few days so fingers crossed for me ladies xx


  • There is almost 2 years & 2 months between Amy & Zara & we are ttc no3 as we want them all to be fairly close in age. I found that Zara just fell into Amys routine which definately made things a lot easier & after a couple of weeks you forgot what life was like before Zara arrived. I love having 2 & watching them interacting with eachother even though Zaras only 5 months so I'm sure it will be great fun when she gets onto her feet.

    Good luck. Hope hubby agrees with your plan xx
  • apparently it's hormones that make us feel broody after having a l/o, i'm not saying you shouldn't if thats what you want be you have to think it through.
    i think 2yrs would be a nice gap tbh!
    there is 3 1/2yrs between mine as i wanted to wait til ds1 was at nursery etc.

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  • Hiya

    My hubby was away for the 1st 20 weeks of my preg. It was our first baby so not exactly like your situation.
    I think it was great, I didn't have to worry about anyone else; I could eat whatever and whenever I wanted, I could go to bed at 8pm, I only had my mess to clear up. When my hubby came home it was a real shock because I'd got used to being completely selfish and he expected me to do everything for him. We had A LOT of arguments but once we'd adjusted to living as a couple again it was fine. Hubby was happy cos he'd missed all my sickness and came home to a wife with a bump that kicked and wriggled, none of the boring waiting for something to happen.

    Good luck with whatever you chose x
  • hi. i had my first june 1999, 2nd dec 2000, 3rd sept 2003, 4th 2005 and my 5th june 2007, so all close together,
    would do it all again tomorrow.xxxx
  • there is 20 months between my 2 and it was hard at first but once you get lo in a routine its easier xxx
  • Hi babe, our thinking is exactly the same on this one...I've been feeling so broody too!! I think we probably need our heads testing as it must be so much harder being pregnant 2nd time around with a baby to look after & carry around and hardly anytime to yourself.

    I loved my pregnancy & birth so maybe I've just got my rose tinted specs on at the moment! But I've decided not to go back on the pill and Hubby & I will probably start trying for Bubba #2 late this Summer/early Autumn - a gap of 18months to 2 years would be ideal for us.

    I didn't realise that Dean was in the forces hun..you & Ruby will really miss him whilst he's away image xx
  • I've done it both ways ellie is 6 in august and leo is 1 in sep so there is a 5 yr age gap but that was not planned we were trying for 3 yrs so really wanted a 2 yr age gap, but this time there will only be a 11 month age gap between leo and this lo they will be in the same year at school. It wasnt exactly planned as leo was only 5 weeks old when i got caught was upset at first like thinking i wont be able to give leo my full attention etc but am really looking forward to it now as they will be so close and will look after each other, i know its going to be hard but im just going to have to establish a routine and if i get a good one then it shouldnt be to bad also ellie says shell be my little helper lol
    So i think both ways are good and if you feel ready then go for it if not then just enjoy being a mummy to ruby for a while.
    vikki xx
  • i have a 3 year gap between mine and its been really easy having two at home faith was 3 years and a few weeks when fin was born and as she is very independant i never found myself in a tricky situation of having to deal with one or the other, but my friend on the other hand only has a 1 year gap and gets on just as well so i think its all down to choice
  • Had my 1st Nov 2000, 2nd was Sept 2001 (10months), 3rd was Nov 2004 (3yrs 3months), 4th was Mar 2007 (2yrs 4months) and this one is due Nov so there'll be about 20months between 4 & 5.
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