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I have twin boys born 9 weeks early, they are now 2 months old and doing great, the question is when bottle feeding when do you change their nappy, I cant remeber what I used to do with my 15 month old son. They were in SCBU and they used to change them before feeding, but we are finding that they poo half way through or after bottle. Do you suggest changing before, during, or after bottle?


  • For some reason we got into the habit of changing Tommy in the middle of a feed! Dont really know why and I have been caught out on the odd occasion lol
  • I always changed before a feed, cos Gabe has reflux & is best to be upright after a feed otherwise he bought back a lot of milk. Obviously if he pooed I'd change him though.
  • like tigerlily,i always change lo before a feed, he tends to sick if i change him straight after. but i'd change him straight away if he had done a poo

  • Um.. I just changed him when he needed it - if he neededit before a feed then i'd change him, if not then i'd leave him till he pooed or weed. He's a fussy boy so let us know the second he wanted changing! In the night though, he generally needed changing when he woke so we'd change him first and then feed him so we didn't have to disturb him as he was getting full and sleepy.

    now he wakes in the early hours for a bottle - and he has his bedtime and morning bottles lying on his back in his cot (his choice!) so I feed him and hubby changes him that way he's all sorted quickly, he wiggles less cause he's distracted witht he milk and we can go back to bed sooner! Anything for an easy life!
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