height centile- please explain!

Evie was measured for the first time yesterday at her 8 week check. The doctor said she was on the 25th centile for height and made some comment that 'she wont be very big'
i am 5ft 6 and hubby is 5ft 11, i would never expect her to be really tall but surely she would be average height like me? the docs comment has got me thinking she is going to be tiny?

she is on the 50th centile for weight which is bang on average isnt it?

can someone explain what the 25th centile for height means? :\?



  • it means that for every 100 children her age, 25 would be under her height and 75 above her height. So yes she is below the average but everyones lo's are different!
    My lo (14months) is only on 9th centile for weight but nearly on the 75th for height.
    She's only 8 weeks so will have growth spurts on both her height & weight. As long as she doesn't drop a couple of centile lines (so my hv says) and grows along the lines everything is fine.
    These centile charts have every mum worried at some point.
  • basically if you lined up 100 babies of the same age, 75 of them would be taller than her on average.I wouldnt worry, some people are just meant to be short!my Lo is on the 91st centile for height so all are different!
  • Don't worry hun. My oh was a short thing up to being 14 then shot up to 6ft 3"! Me being a tiny 5ft 3" looks up to him (literally lol)

    Lisa xxx
  • CCBmommy-fab explanation! I've never really understood centiles, am more concerned that my lo's are happy and eating. Both of mine are biggies, Joe tracks the 98th centile and my Evie tracks the 91st. I think that the HVs get concerned if there's a big difference between the height and weight ones (though of course this could just mean that LO is tall and skinny or short and cuddly!) or if they drop a lot of centiles over a shortish space of time. As long as your LO is feeding, sleeping and happy I wouldn't worry too much.

    P.S. Great choice of name!!!!!!image
  • My hv has always said that there shouldn't really be 2 whole centile lines between the weight & height. She's never been concerned about my lo as she is thriving, having never lost weight.
  • thank you for all your replies! oh well if evie is to be little then hey ho, she'll be my teeny tiny princess! xxxx

  • i've never understood them either, JJ i just over the 75th centile for weight but his height is off the centile chart, he's in 9-12 months clothes because he's so long, he's 6 months old today! x
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