Can you change dr? (sorry not completely baby related)

Okay can you change doctors? Or see a practice outside your area? Is there anyway around it. I just seen my new doctor for the first time today as we recently moved. We waited in the office for 2.5 hours and when he seen us he was less than helpful. I have a kidney disease which cause a lot problems for me. I have had 26 operations on my right kidney alone, and my wonderful (I can't praise him enough) urologist got together with the bio - chemist consultant and have put me on a medication regime which has left not producing stones for 6 months... Anyhow this new doctor tells me he will not, despite saying he has read my notes, prescribe my medication because he is "alarmed" at someone my age taking medication regularly. He says he feels I need to look at better management of my disease and that I should not become reliant on my medication. This is a problem I have had since I was 16, and for the first time in my life I'm not in constant pain... I have often been passing two - three stones a day. He isn't a specialist in my condition and I think he has no idea what he's talking about. The disease I have is really rare and I've had 8 consultants trying to figure out what to do to help me for years. I'm furious not the least to say because I have only a few days of medication left and I am terrified of being with out it. I had made an appointment for my daughter, to have her prescription for her epilepsy medication refilled figuring as we were new to the practice he'd want to see her first but he says he doesn't like seeing mothers put their children on long term medications either and I need to rethink my lifestyle choices and how they affect my children. I thought epilepsy and kidney disease were no brainers on the okay lets use medication when effective. The last stone I had removed was 30 mm, and it cause a lot of scaring and so my right kidney doesn't function right anymore already... I have spent years trying to sort this out by "lifestyle changes".... urg.. ahh, errr.

Arggggggggggggh! :\(


  • Yes you can, go to or ring another surgery and explain that you want to register with them.

    There shouldn't be a problem and they will apply for your notes from the other surgery.

    Good luck
  • That's wonderful news. I've spent all day thinking I just want to go back to my old practice. They were friendly and really easy to use. The wait was usually pretty good, and I would really like to stay with the gp who has gone through so much of this with me. I think I will call them in the morning and make an appointment.

  • I was told I couldn't change surgeries???
    When I moved I didn't want to change but they told me I had to change because they wouldn't do home visits to my new home (it's not even far, about 2 miles from my old surgery!!) So I had to change to a surgery down the road from me but they are awful, can never get an appointment, have to wait for ages as they are always running late, they only have one regular doctor the rest are all locums and they are all men!!
    Hope you have better luck!!
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