jumpapoo? lol

is it just my strange baby that always seems to do a poo whilst in her jumperoo (or jumpapoo as her daddy has now christened it! lol) or her door bouncer? it never fails that when she's been in either she has pooed. i don't mind this but it's the fact that every single time her nappy leaks! grrr! i'm sick of washing poo stains out of her pants now!

does anyone have any suggestions for stopping the leaks? she wear disposables and i've tried pampers (old supply from our wardrobe, not the evil nasty new ones! lol) and huggies but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

she is moving to cloth nappies soon but i'm waiting for my coolababys to come from whereever the hell they're from on ebay! and also for my weenotions order to come through so really need some help in the meantime?

thanks girls xxxx


  • I am sure one of the other Jan babies does this!

    Must be all the excitement! The reusables might be better as you can adapt them. Could you try a smaller disposable so it is tighter round the legs?

    Joanna x
  • my huggies are active fit and size 2 nappies don't make any difference either image booo

    looks like i'm just stuck with a pooey baby coz she loves her toy so so much lol

    haha blame her daddy for the jumpapoo comment cutie! he's so strange lol
  • *raises hand*...thanks Joanna, that 'other' Jan baby would be mine! *blush* She hasn't got the luxury of pooing in a jump'n'poo only a basic lindam door bouncer! Nappies don't leak though, its just all a little squidged around, we use a mixture of huggies and reusables.

    Good luck with your coolababies, I've heard great things about them on another forum, let us know what you think.

    Liz x
  • :lol: I actually thought that was a typo and you meant to put Jumperoo lol so funny!! xx
  • My LO does it in her rocking chair all the time. Always when I leave the room as well so I don't hear her, she stays happy with smiles and playing and it's not till I pick her up out of the chair and see/smell/feel the mess she's made! Why doesn't she tell me she has poo all up her back?!
    She's still too tiny to fit well in her jumperoo (having a box under her feet she still couldn't reach the toys properly, she's so little). But I'll look forward to that being her new place of choice to poo!!
  • I knew it was someone....Emilia also has the luxury of pooing in a lindam door bouncer, but it is girly pink!

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