At my wit's end

Hi Ladies

Please help, I'm at my wit's end.

My little girl is 7 mths. We started weaning her when she was 24 weeks and things went great. Would eat anything I put in fromt of her. At 27 weeks she got a nasty sickness bug and understandably went off her food and milk. A week after having the sickness bug she still wouldn't eat food but started taking more milk. A week last sunday she started eating solids for the first time since falling ill and I was so relieved, but the next day refused all milk and solids and started vomiting again with diarrhea. Took her to the doctors who said she has another sickness bug. She was only sick for a day this time and quickly started taking milk again but still refuses to eat solids. She took 35oz of milk yesterday and still woke in the night crying hysterically cos the milk just isn't satisfying her. If she is so hungry why won't she eat. I've tried nit offering her milk and only offering solids, tried giving a little milk then solids, and tried feeding her milk then a few hours later solids. She has never been a fan of milk so why she is suddenly taking 35oz in a day baffles me.

Please help.
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