luke has what looks like a blood blister in his mouth!!!

luke is forever shoving his fists in his mouth i had a little peek inside his mouth to find what looks like a blood blister!!! it on the inside of his bottom lip near where the inside of his lip joins his gums. its bright red, the colour of blood, cos this is what i thought it was at first but it didnt move.

ive read on net that blood blisters are a blue colour almost like an ink stain...its def not this colour it loks like fresh blood!!!!! it didnt seem to bother him when i touched it...but its worring. it looks a little bit like a birth mark! can u get birth marks in ur mouth???? havent seen it b4, but then again i havent really looked that far into his mouth b4. any1 heard of anything like this??? ive rang the HV waiting for her to ring back.


  • maybe he has developed a sore from the chewing/teething. I have a mummy friend whose little one has full on mouth blisters and she is really screaming in agony so if your little man is happy then good! Let us know what the HV said, it'd be interesting to hear what it is, all the best x
  • Hi mrscox

    How old is Luke?

    Is he bottlefed? Which bottles do you use?

    C xx
  • Had a call back...well, apparently no HV in today so a nursery nurse rang me back??? she said its probably a 'sucking blister'????? they quite common apparently???? i might go n see GP if its still there this time next week. it could have been there since birth, i dont know, i havent really checked his mouth before.

    Luke is bottle fed - Dr Brown bottles size 2 teats (hes 12wks)

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