Baby Walkers?


What is everyones views on baby walkers, good or bad?
What age or weight can you use them until?

Which is the best one?


  • I think as long as your lo is well supervised, they are good fun and strengthen lo's legs, also they are good for if you have housework to do or whatever. Kian has the Chicco DJ one, and they can go in that until about 12 months I think, it got loads of toys on it and he loves it!. I got mine from mothercare but you can pick them up in a lot of stores for around ??40. Hope this helps xx
  • i think they r brill but as i have another child at home leaving toys all over the place we decided not to bother this time as it may make them tip but my first had one and she loved it she walked at 8.5 months so we got the leap station insted!
  • i agree, Lewis loved his baby walker and it was a great place to put him when yor doing something like the toilet lol, we got a carpet so he couldn't use his one at mine so he only went in it at grannies and that was like once a week! He only used it till about 9 month and it fairly helped him get about, and when he wasn't in it he crawled so i think it did encourage him to crawl!
  • I'm not sure if it is worth while for me, Maddie is 9.5 months and not crawling or walking so not really sure if it is a good idea or a waste of money.
  • Hi ya, my lo loves his walker, he is 10mths now. He has been in it since he was 6mths. He runs around like a mad baby!!!

    He crawls now & can stand. But only walks if i hold his hands...

    I would definately recommend it, as someone above said, they come in very handy if you are doing housework. I even put him in it when im getting a bath. As long as there are no dangerous things lying around they are gr8!

    Mine is from M&P's

    Tess x
  • Hi I bought Kara a walker 2 days ago and she is 8 months and is not walking or crawling. She loves it although she has not got it moving yet but she is getting there. I would definitely recommend it. I wasn't sure about it either but have since changed my mind. It is a Graco Discovery one and only cost me ??35 as I didn't want to spend too much money on it. I got Kara the Baby Einstein Activity Centre at Easter and this along with the walker definitely makes her legs stronger. Even the girl in the shop commented on the straight her legs were in the walker. This was because of the Baby Einstein and I can see this in the walker as well. Once she starts walking with the walker then maybe I will get more housework done before I go back to work in 5 weeks lol.
  • Hi i would also recommend the rainforest jumperoo.
  • My friends twins has the jumperoo and she finds it great. I put Kara in it as well and she loved it though it doesn't move either like the Baby Einstein. Great for making them staying in the same room as you and getting entertained.
  • I have an activity centre and lo loves it.
    Will a baby walker work on carpet?
  • As far as I know they are fine on Carpet but I have all wooden floors so not 100% sure. I assume it will just be harder to move but I may be wrong. Sorry I can't help.
  • Morgana has a jumparoo and absolutely loves it, she now worked out how to spin around in it and she jumps like made and squeals!
    Might get a walker too though, especially since she is utterly convinced that she can stand and walk (poor munchkin, she can't even sit yet!) as it probably makes her happy.
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